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Product Name: iAudio A2 30 GB MP4 Player
Category: MP3/MP4 Player
Price: Rs 26000

Processing COWAN A2! - The start of a new experience

To uphold your dignity and pride for digital high class products, A2 is equipped with a 16:9 wide TFT LCD and provides BBE live sounds to all kind of entertainment such as movies, musics, pictures and also novels.COWON A2 promotes you to be a digital leader like no other.

Your own movie theater

Super clear 4 in., 16:9 wide LCD screen and grand sound output are perfect for enjoying DVD movies as if you were right in a movie theater.

Easily record and playback movies and music from TV and other AV devices

Are you worried about your old wedding or childhood video tapes that are fadding out? Simply connect A2 to an AV device (TV, VCR and camcorder) and then your memories will be stored as a permenant, high quality, digital content.

Complete video playback

DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, WMV9 Codec are preinstalled into the player to play almost all video formats without additional conversion procedures. AC3 Downmix is also supported.Video file formats are not supported at first try are easily viewable anywhere, at anytime after a simple conversion step usingJjetAudio VX.

Continuous video playback

Includes a built-in 4300 mAh mass lithium polymer rechargable battery that allows you to enjoy 10 full hours of non-stop entertainment.Continuous playback time: Max. 10 hours of video playback/ 18 hours of audio playback (based on company test environment)

Most Powerful Sound

COWON A2 provides the most unique, powerfull and fine qualitysound,which is recognized worldwide. You can take advantage of all the following sound field effects: 5 Band EQ, BBE, Mach3Bass, 3D Surround.

The Most Advanced LCD

The screen is very vivid with the adoption of the most advanced digital TFT LCD that has 0.183mm pixel pitches in a 4 inch screen(480x272 pixels) with the integrated high density and high definition technology.

OTG (USB HOST) Feature

You can import photos taken from a digital camera to COWON, and view them from COWON using the USB Host feature of COWON A2. (*Certain digital cameras are not supported.) No need for a larger digital camera memory. Take as many pictures you want and store them in your COWON A2 anywhere at anytime.

High Quality Voice Recording

With the built-in, high-fidelity microphone, COWON can record voice at the level of dedicated voice recorders.You can record important meetings or lectures using this feature.

64mW powerful high-output sound (32mW + 32mW)

Enjoy real live and fine sound with A2#s powerful sound output. A2#s output is enough for you to enjoy your favorite tunes.

Built-in stereo sound speaker adopted

A2 is equipped with a built-in stereo speaker for you to enjoy videos and music without earphones.

User friendly advanced overlay navigation support

An overlay navigation function that shows the playback screen during video playback lets you enjoy the convenience of navigating through other contents in your player. Detailed information such as file size, pixel, format can be viewed while browsing through files that increases the fun of navigation.

Lyrics display

You can enjoy your music and read lyrics at the same time! New Lyric Display Feature provides you with lyrics on wide color LCD. Music can be enjoyed at its best with the power spectrum by frequency.

Strong Music Format Support

It supports MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV files.

High speed USB 2.0 transmission

USB 2.0 is required for all high capacity hard disk MP3 players. Transfer movie files of 700 Mbytes in just a few seconds with the USB 2.0 that supports transmission of max. 480 Mbps speed. Experience files transmission at high speeds with your own storage device.

Poratble Disk (USB Storage)

COWON is automatically recognized as a removable disk when you connect it to your PC via the USB cable. You no longer need a separate USB drive with small storage any more.

Listen to FM stereoradio and Record it at the same time

Listen to FM radio and record it by pressing a button, instantly. Play them back on COWON, or save to your computer. Also has a preset feature which allows you to save your preferred radio stations as channel numbers.

Logo and wallpaper screen

Customize your A2 with your own pictures and images. You can insert your own logo, specify personal photos or image files in JPG format as the player#s wallpaper to create your own unique A2. Coordinate your player to satisfy your taste with colorful images.

Favourite ,Dynamic Playlist

Create and edit playlists directly on the A2. Organize your songs any way you like. Random and other playback modes available.Also user can edit playlist while playing. Add or delete.

Clock Feature for user convenience

COWON A2 support Clock feature to do View Clock, Alarm, FM radio recording and more through this.

Powerful up-to-date chipset and continuous firmware upgrade

Upgrade your player with regular firmware upgrade and the latest chipset. The firmware for the main codec can also be upgraded. Always renew your player with new functions with the firmware upgrade service.

Luxury carrying case provided with package

The provided carrying case is made with high-quality leather material to enhance your style. The carrying case not only protects your COWON A2, it is also designed to be used as a stand for your player.

High quality sound through A2 exclusive earphones

Experience a stable, balanced sound quality for all sound ranges from high tones to low tones with the fashionable necklace-type earphones provided with the player. The earphone#s straight, metallic body and circular design is great as an accessory itself.

JetAudio VX included

Build a powerful multimedia desktop environment with the world famous integrated multimedia playback software, JetAudio Basic VX. Video file formats that are not supported by A2 can easily be converted for view with simple conversion features of JetAudio VX.

JetShell provides Powerful file managing system and convenience

Easy to manage COWON A2 through JetShell, which is upgraded and it's compatible with removable disk. JetShell can do CD ripping, File convert and music playback.

Mac and Linux OS

Use Mac or Linux? No problem!! COWON A2 is available to be used on Mac or Linux OS.

Simple remote controller

Easily control functions with the remote controller included in your package. (Optional, sold separately)

Additional features

iAudio A2 30 GB MP4 Player
General Specifications Size 133.4(W) x 78.5(H) x 22(T) mm
Weight 298g (10 oz)
Video Display 4 inch, 480x272 Resolution,
16,000K Color, Digital TFT LCD
Video Format NTSC / PAL
Audio Channel Stereo
Frequency Range 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Max Output 16 Ohm earphones : 32mW + 32mW
SNR 95dB
Built-in Speaker Stereo
Built-in Microphone Mono
FM Radio Frequency Range 87.5~108 MHz (KR,US,EU)
76~108 Mhz (JP)
Power Built-in Battery Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery 4300mAh
Battery Charging Takes 5hours to fully charged
AC Adapter DC 5.0V, 2A
Capacity Hard Disk 1.8inch 30GB, FAT32 File system
USB Interface USB Device USB 2.0 High Speed (Max. 480Mbps)
USB Host USB 2.0 Full Speed (Max. 12Mbps)
Movie Player File Format AVI, ASF, WMV
Video Codec DivX 3.11/4/5, XviD, MPEG4, WMV9(MP@LL), MPEG1
Video Resolution Max. 800x576, 30 fps
Audio Codec MP3, AC3 Downmix, WMA
Audio Resolution Max. 48KHz, 448 Kbps
Subtitle SMI Format
Max. Continuous Max. 10 hours
Playback time
Music Player File Format MP3, WMA(ASF),OGG, FLAC, WAV
Audio Codec MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3, WMA(ASF),
Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Wave
Audio Resolution 8Kbps ~ 1.4Mbps
(Up to OGG Q10 & FLAC Level 0~8)
ID3 Tag ID3 V1,ID3 V2.2/V2.3/V2.4
Lyrics LDB
EQ 5Band, 7set
(Normal, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Pop, Vocal, User)
Sound Effect jeteffect
( BBE, Mach3Bass, MP3 Enhance, 3D Surround)
Visualization Sound Spectrum, Album/ID3 Meta Image
Max. Continuous Max.18 hours
Playback time
Photo Viewer File Format JPG, BMP, PNG
Video Codec JPG - Unlimited Pixel (File size up to 6.5M byte)
JPG(Progressive type) : Max. 1.6M Pixel
PNG - Max. 2.1M Pixel, 1.6M Pixel(include Alpha channel)
BMP - Max. 2.1M(24bit), 1.6M(32bit),
Text Viewer File Format TXTFile Size Unlimited
AV Recording File Format ASF
Video Codec MPEG4 (Max. 640x480, 1Mbps)
Audio Codec MPEG-1 Layer 3 (Max. 44.1KHz, 192Kbps)
Line-in, Mic. File Format MP3
Radio Recoding Video Codec MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Resolution Max. 44.1kHz, 192Kbps
Playable media files File+Folder 15,000
Opreating System CPU : Pentium II 200Mhz or Higher
MAC OS 9.x, 10.x (Only data transfer supported)
Windows XP / 2000 / ME / 98SE
RAM : 128MB or More
CD-ROM Drive
USB Port
DirectX 9 or higher
Windows Media Player 9 or higher
QuickTime 6 or higher

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