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Madras Gymkhana Club in Chennai

Madras Gymkhana Club is one of the first clubs which was founded by a group of Englishmen as a location to test the competition skills of thier friends and colleagues as well as socialize. This club was initially just for the garrison members, as well as some of the blue blooded members of the Indian gentry like the royal families.

Famous Tibetan and Sikkimese Monasteries in Darjeeling

Have you ever been to darjeeling? If yes, have you ever visited the monasteries in the town of Darjeeling? If so have you ever tried to learn about these monasteries. If you are planning to visit darjeeling in the near future, do visit the Tibetan and Sikkim monasteries which gives you a lot of information as well as history of the evolution of Darjeeling / Dorjee - Ling. I am giving you as many details as I could get about these monasteries in Darjeeling.

Bhitarkanika National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhitarkanika National Park is located in the state of Orissa and Khola and Gupti are the two entry points to the Sanctuary. You will have to get entry permit to get into this much sought after tourist destination. You can reserve accommodations too and stay in the jungle in the night along with the wild life. To know more about Bhitarkanika Wild life Sanctuary read through the resource.

Shakti Peethams in India

Shakthi Peethams are the places which are known through the religious texts to be the places where Sati's parts of the body were sprinkled by Lord Shiva.

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