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Review: Best place to shop for silks in Kochi

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Review Date: 11 Aug 2009
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Jayalakshmi Silks Review

If you are taking a trip to Kerala and plan to stay or even just pass through Cochin (Kochi), you should definitely visit Jayalakshmi Silks. In fact, you should stay for a day at the Hotel Abad Plaza - Jayalakshmi Silks is opposite this lovely Hotel.

When you do visit Jayalakshmi Silks, dont expect to do any quick shopping! You will need at least half-a-day, if not more, to really look through everything that is available here. After all, the showroom is not a ground-floor retail store, but a five-storyed building. During the wedding season, the showroom is really swamped with would-be-brides and their mothers!

First of, you should visit the sarees section and look at the fantastic range available for brides. Specifically, ask the sales staff to show you the Kanchipuram bridal silks. Not just in this collection, but in most of the sarees you will be awed by the exquisite and painstakingly done techniques used to incorporate sequins, beads and even semi-precious stones into the finely woven silks. The neatly designed patterns and embroidery works on the sarees are also amazing. One unique aspect of this showroom that I saw for the first time: There is a special full-length mirror with roller wheels which the staff will bring for you to check out how you look in the draped saree.

Keep some time to check out the ethnic mens wear - these, too, like the sarees, are superbly designed. You will come across some really unique shades of blue here.

There wasnt really any time to look at the perfumes and footwear as we spent so much of our time just in the sarees section!

As for the service, the staff are very courteous and helpful they dont give the usual pained expression that sales staff give if you want to see lots of things but dont really buy anything. They are as impeccably dressed as the garments sold and exude a genuine warmth.

So if you are visiting Kerala and are planning to buy silks, defer your shopping till you visit Jayalakshmi Silks. I guarantee you will end up buying something!

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