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Review: Beautiful and Quiet Hill station - Kasauli

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Name: Sangeeta Sanjay Chaubal   
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Review Date: 27 Sep 2010
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Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh Review

Kasauli is a quaint little hill station located at 1927 m above sea level in Himachal Pradesh. Kasauli is one of the small towns which developed as popular hill stations during British rule. The British Colonial had during their reign recognized potentials of many places which they during their reign used as recreation spots. These recreation spots later on went to become one of the popular hill stations in India and Kasauli is one of them.

Kasauli is very quiet as compared to the other hill stations throughout the patch. But I believe that quietness actually adds to its beauty. It is not much frequented by public and hence is able to conserve its natural beauty. There is not much commercialism taken place here yet. The first impression that you get about Kasauli as soon as you enter is the greenery, the cleanliness and the soothing ambience. You just find it amazing.

Kasauli can be visited throughout the year, but still it is advisable to avoid it during monsoons. Not because its rains heavy and the climate is harsh. No, the weather is pleasant and one gets to see lush greenery all around. But there is a possibility of the some landslides all around the roads that pass from Kasauli to Shimla. One may not find a clear road all throughout, otherwise there is no such problem.

The nearest airport is Chandigarh and the nearest rail station is Kalka. By road, the best possible route is from Chandigarh, i.e. Chandigarh – Panchkula – Kalka – Dharampur – Kasauli.

In Kasauli what one does is walk throughout. It is so because many areas around Kasauli, cars or other vehicles are not allowed. So it's all you do here, Walk! But its not tiring at all, as its always nice to walk in such beautiful places where you are so immersed in their beauty that you don't realize how much distance you actually covered by walking.

It's advisable to pack some thick woolens during winter, as the temperature can fall down to freezing point. A good pair of shoes will just work out fine as I said you need to walk and trek a lot here in Kasauli. Do confirm with the locals about the safety of the trek that you choose, as few treks may be unsafe. Finding medical or chemist shops in Kasauli is again pretty tricky, so it's better that you carry out all those essential medicines with you to avoid any kind of problems.

One should definitely pay visit to few must visit places in Kasauli like the Lawrence School which is around 100 years old, the Anglican Church which is again too old and showcases some great architecture and few other points like the Monkey point and Dagshai.

Kasauli is famous for its flora and fauna. With lush greenery one finds ample new species of plants and especially flowers. Few common fauna species one spots here are Ghorals a local deer and Jackals.

One can buy some local Himalayan jewelry from one of the shops present in market area. One of the known shops is Pinekonez, an antique souvenir shop. Try out Bunsams a local delicacy available at the regular chai shops. They are amazing. You get good north Indian food at the local dhabas and other food joints.

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