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    How to deal with dis approved AdSense accounts ?

    Google may not approve your AdSense application for many reasons. Some of the most common reasons are you have not provided sufficient information in your application or you have violated AdSense policies in the past. Even if your application is approved once, Google may dis approve your AdSense account later, if you violate any of the AdSense policies.

    Sometimes Google dis approves AdSense account registrations in error or due to mis understanding or for lack of information in your application.

    In case of a dis approval of your AdSense application, you will receive an email from Google explaining why your AdSense application was dis approved. And most probably, the email from Google will include the steps that you have to do to re submit your application.

    You have to follow the instructions in that email. After you complete the steps mentioned in the email, you have to login to and re submit your original application for review. Most probably, Google will approve if you have followed the steps correctly.

    If you are still dis approved, you will again receive an email asking you to follow further steps. You must continue the above process a reasonable number of times until the issue is resolved.

    Please try to make your email reply to Google as polite as possible and provide as much information as possible. Here is a sample reply to Google for a dis approved account:


    I recently joined the Google AdSense API revenue sharing program offered by I created a Google AdSense account through and I used my profile page in IndiaReviewChannel as my website while joining this program.

    Unfortunately, my AdSense account application was dis approved by Google. I have taken appropriate steps mentioned in your email regarding the dis approval and have re submitted my application for your review.

    Kindly look into my re submitted AdSense application and approve if you think I am eligible to participate.

    I am excited on joining this AdSense revenue sharing program.

    [Your Name]

    Remember to login to and re submit your AdSense application for review.

    Please note that if your account is approved once and dis approved later for any policy violation, you may not be eligible to participate in Google AdSense program any more.
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    i have applied for google adsense program
    but google did not approve my appliaction because my site was down (, once my site is up how can i resubmit the application to google.

    below i am putting the message from google

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    - Difficult site navigation


    Further detail:

    Difficult site navigation: While reviewing, we found that your
    site was down. Google ads may not be published on a site that is not fully
    launched, functioning, or easily navigable. Once your site is functioning
    and has enough content for our specialists to review, we will be happy to
    reconsider your application. If there is a typo in the URL submitted, you
    can resubmit your application with the correct site by following the
    directions below.

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    We are looking in to this issue. We will get this resolved as soon as possible.

    - Tony

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    Any Updates on this issue????????


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    The issue is resolved. Your profile can be viewed now.

    - Tony John

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    thank you webmaster

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