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    Pit fall in adsense

    I have seen lot of people eager to make money and sign up for the google adsense. And they use the same account for various sites and even they use to combine with this site too. What happens they do self clickings and mutual clicks. GOOGLE will block entire things. so use single account for single site. especially use a seperate account for adsense sharing. They won't get you any invalid click. Very safe.

    Moral : Use seperate google adsense account for seperate web sites.
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    It is against the Google terms and conditions for people to create more than one Google AdSense account for a person.

    - Tony

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    Yeah What tony has said is correct. We can not have different adsense accounts for the same person. They will treat it as cheating and may cancel our accounts

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    this think is contribute according to various point of mind view. thank you for your suggession.

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