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    Apple 3G Iphone

    With support for three 3G bands (850, 1900, 2100) and both UMTS and HSDPA networks, the iPhone 3G is well positioned for using high-speed networks all around the world. Considering that Apple is promising to bring the device to 70 countries, it had better be. During his WWDC keynote, Jobs demonstrated Web download speeds between the two iPhones. On the original model, which runs on a 2.5G EDGE network, a photo-heavy Web site loaded in 59 seconds, while the same site loaded in 21 seconds on the new device--impressive, but we take it with a grain of salt for now. Real-world tests, particularly with a multitude of devices flooding the same network, will be more telling.
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    I have heard the iphone has three drawbacks -

    No SMS forwarding feature
    No Video recording
    Cannot transfer files to other mobiles using bluetooth, need a computer for that

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    ya ...
    but its No SMS forwarding feature
    its bad phone


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    Its one of the most awaited phones coming soon to india..... some drawbacks are no forwarding and no video recoding although it has got an excellent camera.

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    Over the past 1 year, a huge hype has been generated over the launch of iphone in India and everybody seemed to come up with their own prices and the date of the launch. But a few weeks back, Vodafone and Airtel silenced all of them with announcements that they will launch it on the 22nd August.

    Like numerous others, I was eagerly waiting for the iphone, though I had apprehensions about the price. It was known that the price would be significantly marked up from the 199$ that it costs in the US. The general opinion was the price should be around 16000-17000, which itself is a markup of 200% over the price in the USA. But apple and Airtel, Vodafone seemed to have other ideas. The iphone is priced at 31000 for the 8GB and 36100 for the 16GB version, which is a nearly a 270% markup over the US price.

    This is daylight robbery - nothing but a cheap tactic to cash in on the disproportionate hype and skim in on the higher paying customers first. And they haven't revealed the product plans and the commitment period for the connection, both of which will be significantly at premium to the current market plans.
    So I finally got down to the question, Is the iphone worth all this? A phone, whose only positive points are the Touchscreen and the Data Browsing speed.

    A phone in which:-

    1. You cannot send an MMS.
    2. The Video Camera is just 2 MegaPixel sans video recording functionality.
    3. You cannot use as an modem to connect your PC to the net.
    4. You cannot use as an USB device.
    5. You cannot load any third party applications. All applications have to be bought from Apple which has a 30% commission on the sale of Apps. Apple also has a security mechanism by which they can disable Apps that they don't like, remotely on your phone.

    Isn't that a breach of privacy?Imagine, if Microsoft could look inside your computer and remove software that it doesnt want. Will we allow that?

    Apple made its early customers in US look like idiots when it slashed the prices to half within 6 weeks of its launch. Rather than getting carried away by the hype, its better to wait on this one. Prices are bound to come down after the initial hype dies down and the demand decreases.

    Update: It turns out its possible to remove the battey in iphone 3G after all. Its not soldered like in its predecessor. But still, removing the battery is not a breeze like in other phones, you still have to remove screws and all.And the SIM can be removed, however you cannot use any other operators SIM.

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    Of what use is a cell phone which can not send an MMS, a camera which can not record a video footage, can not connect itself to a USB device and cannot hold any third party application?
    You call it useless thing or Iphone one and the same!
    Hope I got the Points right?
    Lalitha Rajappa
    Member, India review channel

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    I am personally using Apple iPhone 3G. This is a very good with lack of some basic features. If you need more functions other than something different go for Nokia, Sony stuff. You can also consider HTC, the latest touch mobiles which offers better functionality & features for less price. One of the example is HTC Touch Diamond. Go for it. But remember, the HTC Touch Diamond is locked with Airtel only. You cannot use other sim card for 6 months from the date of purchase.
    Thanking you.

    Sekhar Chandra,
    Golden IRCian

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    I will not support I-Phone as the user has no freedom after paying such an amount. U can't play ur favourite music from your friends, cant share. U don't have any operator choice. All music u need, you have to purchase from Apple. So, less than that price, u will get good handsets with all freedom. Its my personal view

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    I think Apple iPhone is good but the price is too much. There are many features which this phone lacks. I was supposed to buy this phone but have changed my mind now.

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