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    Approve my Product

    Hi Webmaster,

    Please Approve my Product.

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    Hi Vijay,
    Web master will do the job. But see the spelling of "Product", you have written it as "Prdocut" and "Prodct". it will take some time to approve ur product


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    Yes, As Raghav says whenever we are uploading something into a public forum, it is better to do a double spell check. I think after the system revamp there is no need to ask for anything to get approved. I really like this new system.

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    thank you anusma for your comment. and Vijay definitely your product will be approved. wait for some time


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    Hello Vijay,
    Please check whether you have posted the product as per resource posting guidelines. the general guidelines for posting a resource are given below. Please check whether you have violated the guidelines while posting your resource.

    1. Each paragraph must be separated by a single blank line.

    2. Each sentence must start with Upper case letter.

    3. Give a single blank space after each sentence.

    4. Try to install Google toolbar and use "spelling check" before you submit a


    5. Do not make all characters in resource content or title as UPPERCASE (Capital

    letter). Only the first letter of the title should be upper case. In the content, the

    first letter of each sentence must be capital letter.

    6. Do not use letters like ....., !!!, ***** etc at the end of the sentences.


    1. Never copy articles from other websites and books.

    2. You can copy exam results, admissions news, other announcements etc from

    university websites which are generally not copyright protected.

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