Product Submission Guidelines

Dear all,
We are in the process of expansion, and we need your fullest co-operation. Every one of us will be very happy to see our points ticking fast. But at the same time, we should also take into consideration that we are here not to make quick money.

While posting a product, pls follow the below:

1. Check whether the product is already posted

2. Pls add some valid description or feature for the product

3. If possible post a photo (If there is no photo, the product will be awarded less points)

4. If the product you post is already been posted by another member on a previous date, then your product will be deleted.

5. Pls check whether the product that you are adding, especially electronic items, home appliances etc are available for the Indian Market.

6. If you don't find the manufacturer in the pop-up list, then give it somewhere in the features or the specifications box.

7. If you have not given the price or the manufacturer's name then it will be deleted for sure.

A Note for the editors:

Before approving a product pls check all the above come true.

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