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    Suggestion to improve IRC

    Hello Tony & Anusma,

    If I would have been a new user of this site then I would have definitly quit working on this site. But I just couldn't because I know the quality of the people who are owning this site and the people who are working on for it. I am amember of India Study Channel. So I do have a soft corner for this site. But not all the user are aware of it. Definitely first would be the last impression for the new users who are not aware of the ISC. And we may loose the user.

    While posting the products, I found some observations which we really need to fix.

    1)After attaching a photo, statetics for photos are showing zero. (Attached screenshot for your reference)
    2)Sometimes, after attaching the photo, if we click on the back button and then again forward, automatically we can see the increment in number of same photos..
    3)After clicking on Calculate My Earnings button, getting an exception so unable to proceed with that button.(Attached screenshot for your reference)
    4)After logging out, if we click on Back button then we get into the user's session who has logged out. (I feel this is the severe bug we should fix it as soon as possible. It make the user less secure because of weak authentication.)

    I can understand that this site is under improvement. Many member are giving lots of feedback regarding the functionality which we need to improve.
    Can we have a central point where we can put all our feedback regarding functionality whenever the member gets any unintended behaviour of the site. Like creating a new catergory like 'Open Bugs' This would help us to make more and more improvement and as well as more testing would get done my the real users which would also reduce the testing cost.

    This was just my opinion for our site. Please let me know your views on this.

    Would love to have comments from other member. Pls give a shout, if this is the worst sugesstion, so I can think of the better one :)

  • Statestics (1773-27824-Product Details.doc)
  • Recalculate my earnings (1773-27824-Recalculate my earnings.doc)
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    Dear Shrestha,
    Thanks for bringing it to our notice. Infact, though the website have started functioning fully from July 1st, we are still in the process of upgrading. Suggestions from active members like you will definitely give us a boost to keep things going. Will start a new thread, to post your suggestions for improvement.

    Thanks again. Happy posting.


    Webmaster, IRC


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    Hi Shreshta,

    I also noticed while rating your products the photos always seemed to be zero.
    Is it because you do not click at the Primary photo?

    This is not the case with me. I have not noticed zero photos in mine. If you like you can check it up.

    I think it is the way you add the product here. I have seen double photos in my case when I accidentally click at the submit twice.

    The rest of your suggestions, let Tony / Anusma come out with the answers. I have tried telling you what I had felt. Ok


    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Issue #3 is fixed.

    - Tony

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    I tried Issue#4 and could not reproduce. It is true that when you go back you can still see your user name. This will go away if you refresh the page. Your session is actually logged out.

    I am actively working on the other issues.

    - Tony

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    Anusma - Thanks for accepting my suggestion..

    Latha - I have clicked on the primary photo. But still see the number of photos as 0. But I can see the image. But if i click on back button and then again on forward then Refresh. It starts adding the same image. Number of times you do these steps, it will add the same image that number of times.

    First time I thought, it may be because i clicked two times the Submit button. But I was wrong, it keeps adding those images automatically. Today also I tried this scenario, and the same thing happened again.

    Tony - Thanks for resolution of 2nd issue. About 4th issue, I could reproduce this.

    Steps -
    Logged on to my session.
    Clicked on Back button.
    Clicked on Forward Button
    Refreshed the page..

    Even after refreshing the page, I was connected to the session. I could successfuly posted the product even after logging out the session.

    I have attached a screenshot of all the screens for your reference.

    Please let me know if you need more clarification from me..


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    Dear Shreshta,

    I do not know what mistake you are doing there. Tick at Primary photo and then click at Save Photo. It gets saved and two photos come with the product. One on the top and one in the side
    Under the top one the Approved sign comes as soon as it is approved.
    This is how I do and for me it is allright.
    When you click refresh it uis as if you are adding that again. You are resending the request. That's why I think it is getting repeated.
    Please anyone who knows better than me can clear this up please do so.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hi Latha,

    Now I think we have got some change in the GUI for attaching the photo.. Now it is working fine.

    But for Issue for 4, i have attached the screenshot. If you follow the same steps which i did then you would able to reproduct it.



    Delete Attachment

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    Suggestion in IRC provide the deleted option when ever members are uploaded wrong photo..
    With Regards

    Don't take any decisions when you are Angry.
    Don't make any promises when you are Happy.

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