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    Cash credit system is working

    Even though we had the cash credit system active for several weeks now, the payment calculation was not working yet.

    We have this issue fixed today. If you are eligible for any cash credits, please go to credits page and press the "Re calculate" button to re calculate your cash credits.

    - Tony
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    Thanks Tony,
    Thanks for rectifying it. Many members will definitely be happy to see cash credits near their name.

    Happy posting and happy earning friends.



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    Dear Friends,
    To see the cash credits updated click on cash credits on the left bar, and recalculate your points. Again click your name near Welcome and on the profile page recalculate your points and you could see the cash credits added up.

    Happy Posting.



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    ok really dnt know abt this whole system..
    im new to this ..
    hope this site is working well.

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    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for your information. I too will try for getting some cash credits.

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    Yes, getting cash credits by writing quality reviews and participating in the review writing contest is the highlight of this site. Write quality reviews and you will get Rs. 5 for those reviews submitted for the products under $ sign. Never copy reviews from other websites. Your review will be deleted.

    Webmaster, IRC


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    Hi Anusma,

    Thank you for your information.

    Subba Raju, MV

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    thanks tony.
    It will be helpful for other members.

    best regards,

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    Hi tony

    This is really very useful. I have read in one of the post in which you mentioned that you all people are working on this where in calculation of cash credits was a bit of concern and today we are happy that you just don't say but also put in to action

    kudos to your team. keep up the good work. this goes on to prove the authenticity and transparency of this website

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    please let me know how cash credits calculating! even i've earned more points its not reflecting the cash credit

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    Hi Satya,
    Cash credits are given for the reviews written for the products or business listings, that have $ sign near the category. You will find the $ sign only near categories and not near products. Categories like Automobiles, Computers, Home Appliances, Electronics, etc have $ sign near them. Visit each and every category and the products listed in them and you could earn cash credits, if you write a review for the products. Make sure that the reviews you write are your own ones and not copied from other websites. Copied reviews will be deleted on approving and rating by the editors.

    Keep a look out in the announcements tab where you will find contests posted from time to time. Currently there is no contest running. But we will have a new contest posted by next monday. You can participate in that and earn cash credits if you are chosen the winner.

    Currently cash credits for product posting is discontinued. So if you wish to earn cash credits you have to write reviews.


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    hi ramji,

    Thanks a lot for the info posted

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    Hi Tony and Ramji,

    Thanks for fixing the issue, I am acive user of ISC and just created account with IRC and submitted some new products, later when clicked on Cash credits it was showing nothing on my name, please let me know for submitting products do we get cash credits..


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    Dear Google,
    Think you have missed some of the threads. Cash credits for product submission is stopped long back. Now we are giving cash credits only for the reviews. That too for those reviews for the products that are under the categories which have $ sign. Kindly check for them and write your reviews for the products. And while posting products, check whether they are already in existence. If so please dont post, as they will be deleted.


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