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    I want to buy a computer(Desktop PC) . Shall I go for Assembled or Branded Which is the best
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    Hi Lijo Poulose,
    I prefer an assembled configuration as am a die-hard computer gamer. If you aren't into computing much, don't use it regularly and also only know the basics, then you should go for a branded one as you won't have any problems with service if the computer develops some problems. If you want I can surely post three types of configurations -
    Low-end PC - For value users
    Mid-range PC - For casual business, multitasking and gaming
    High-end PC - For avid gamers and multimedia professionals

    Members should I post my resources in the forum or resources section. I would be happy to post it. What do the webmasters and editors say about it?

    Ankush Das
    (Member, IndiaReviewChannel)

    Ankush Das
    IndiaStudyChannel Senior Editor

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    Hello Lijo,
    My opinion is that you go for a assembled PC so that you can specify your PC according to your need, which helps to save money.Before assembling make a study what you are going to do with your PC,what are the components you must have, what you don`t want etc.and find the best person to make assemble PC


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    Hi Lijo

    I also suggest you to buy an assembled PC, because:-
    1) It will cost you less then the Branded PC.
    2) It will give you almost the same Warranty.
    3) You will get assembled PC according to your needs.
    4) Service regarding assembled PC will be available easily and the engineer of Branded PC company will be available little bit late.
    If we think all these points I prefer assembled PC.


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    hi Lijo,
    I personally feel that assembled PC are much better as we can have the configuration as we want and they are cheaper than the branded ones.. and more over it will give us almost same warranty period
    and if u buy it from a reputated shop then there will be no problem of service also
    Thanks and Regards
    Meetu Choudhary

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    I am also strongly recommend assembled pc.I have a branded computer .It encounter a problem and i asked for service .I don't get a response till now.

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    I suggest you to busy Assembeled PC is better.
    Cost is Low and Quality also good like as New PC.
    Nothing difference between branded and Assembeled..

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    Hi lijo,
    i strongly recommend you to go for an assembled PC rather than a branded one because expense will be less and also you can choose THE BEST from a wide range of products, so that ultimately you will get a superb one. so go for an assembler. If you want i will sure give you th configuration. ok

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    hi friend
    i also suggested to you assembled pc is right choice because every part of assembled pc is have diffrent diffrent warranty time .but brande pc is provid only you limited warranty time that not exceed the more the two years and other is assembled pc is less costly then the branded pc so i am also say to that purchase assembled pc

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    Go for Assembled PC with the configuration you like. Most preferably with a graphics card 512 MB DDR, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, Intel or AMD Quadra Core processor. Thats it. You will get the best. But in branded you have no wider chocie to choose from.
    Thanking you.

    Sekhar Chandra,
    Golden IRCian

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    assembled pc are the best bet .you will have the flexiblity to choose the best configuration as your desires.

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    Go for the brnaded computers . It will be more long lasting and you will get correct service, than assembled computers which will get damaged easily.

    Best Reviews,
    Golden Member of IRC

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    hi frnd,never try a assembled one.go for the branded one it ll be the safest and fault occurence is minimum..

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    It is better to go for assembled computer if you want to save money. The same components will be there in assembled and in branded ones. Only thing the branded ones is that they get money for their brand.


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    If you are looking at personal use then Assembled PC is the best bet,
    you can add components of your choice and it will cost you less.You can have similar make components in your assembled PC as you get in branded PC but, of course with exception of Operating System!!!

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    my suggestion is to go for assebled pc.

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    i own a gateway laptop bought from UK. This a very good brand which may not available in India. But when you look at the performance and efficiency, this is one among the top laptops which has a considerable rating. My laptop configuration was like 4 GB ram, 250 GB HDD, 1.3 mega pixel camera, intel core 2 duo processor, etc., And when you look at the price, this laptop costs just around 450 US$, which is cheap compared to the Indian laptops. Also it has good gaming experience because of the higher RAM. I would suggest people to buy it, but the only obstacle is the way of buying it. If you have any friends or relatives in UK or US so that you can inform them. I would recommend this laptop for having good gaming experience, processor speed, pixel perfect clarity.

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    Dear friend,
    Basically all PCs have the same components inside, either branded or Assembled. Basic things like Intel Processor, Motherboard, Seagate/Samsung Hard disks etc., all are common. Difference comes only in brand name. It gives you the perfect freedom to choose what you want in your PC. When you assemble a PC, go through a Hardware person known to you, not directly to the shop as he will give u services in the future too. If u purchase directly from a shop, when a problem occurs, you have to take it to the shop. In branded, it needs more time if a problem occurs.

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