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    Chinese Products


    Now every products are imported from china. From Computer to Kites. Independence Day, Holi, Diwali are celebrated with chinese products. Even they are imported they are cheaper then the products produced here. Chinese products are threat to Indian producers, or it is a good competition.
    Please give your comments on the impact of chinese products on the Indian producers.

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    Hi Guruvinder,

    Yes , as you say, Chinese products are everywhere and are available at a cheaper rate through out in India and else where but have they good quality? No, have they utility value, No. Don't you think so? They are all of 'Use and Throw' ones.

    If you buy our own products (you say that they are costlier than chinese products) you have quality, warranty period for each and every product, utility value, you can repair them , change parts (spare parts are available in plenty) etc.

    Come on Guys. Participate in this and make it a Group Discussion.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    Editor - IRC

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Dear Lathaji,
    As you have put it right.

    They are a definite threat to the Indian producers. Except a few, most of them are absolutely use and throw items and they cannot be valued for the money we have put on them. I did purchase an emergency lantenrn. The price was very less than the normal branded lantenrs available in the shop. The shop keeper asked me to keep the bill so that it will serve as a warranty for one year. And we had that. But when we took it to the shop when it faultered in the 4th month, the shop keeper said that the warranty is not for that product that have worn out but it is for something else. And the spare part costed more than the product. And if we are ready to shell out another Rs. 500 we can get the branded one. So we opted for that and now it is working fine. So just thinking that it is cheap, let us think about the quality.

    I have also seen people selling fake products in the sake of Chinese products. So before buying them beware.

    Webmaster, IRC


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    There is no competition at all because of one factor that is quality. Chinese goods lack quality and this is what differentiates it from Indian products. If a person wants to use a product for a very short period of time and then throw it away, then Chinese products are ok. But once bought people would never go for the same product again. Initially even though people might like the thought of buying goods cheap, as the use it and find no value for the product they have bought, they will naturally go for quality products.

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    I have used many of the CFL bulbs which are available at 25 to 30Rs. Always ended up buying another one within a month or two. It was a waste.

    I could understand only after buying a Wipro Smart, same 11 watt one. Have had it more than 6 months now and no problems at all, gives even more brightness than the chinese bulbs. So I started using Wipro Smart nowadays and they are really good.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    Editor - IRC

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Chinese products have been threatening the shores of the Indian market for quite some time but now it is losing favor among people. I will state the reason why Chinese products are so so so cheap. First, in China you get cheap labour. It's even cheaper than India. Second, most of the components in the products are all stolen goods and if not, they are made of such quality which won't even last for one month or even a fortnight. You will find more and more people getting aware of these products and taking precautions. But for a person on a very limited budget, Chinese products are like dream come through. It depends on the budget but for general crowd, I must say BEWARE!!! of these products. They don't carry any guarantee. If your product works, it will go on upto 2 years and if your product is destined to be doomed, it's day is over by the fortnight. Be sure to take adequate precautions and support from a reliable shopkeeper.
    Ankush Das
    IndiaStudyChannel Senior Editor

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    Hi friends,

    Here I want to share my views with all of you. I feel the people who are having worth in them are going abroad and utilising their knowledge there. Every body is interested to send their wards to foreign for earning. If our people stay back and use their minds we can produce them more cheaper than other countries. The main draw backs here I feel is we will not support our products. OK if an item is little costlier why don't we buy and support our own people instead we will go for the items which are cheaper. But will they stand here forever. No once they sell and earn money their job will be finished. Who will give the guarantee. So, I feel we should buy our own products even if they are costly. We will support our own people.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Member, IRC

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    I heard from my brother who resides in U.S that the markets in U.S is also flooded with Chinese products but the quality is far superior than the Chinese products we get in India.The Chinese are maintaining double standards and exploiting us Indians.The Government should put some basic guidelines to import products from foreign countries and there should be strict quality check for imported products.
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    Hi Sudhersana,

    Your suggestion is good. But though Government says everything is in order. But in practical we can't get the guaranteed imported goods.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Member, IRC

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    China may have vastly been producing products and they are imported and available everywhere in India. But the quality of those products made a fine dent in almost every Indians mind that they are the cheap use and throw items. But the fact has both advantage and disadvantage in its nature. The main advantage is something similar to the success of sachet products in India. India is a country of more less priviledged people where they expect to buy as cheap as possible, so in there these chinese products come as a boon to them. They can taste almost all variety of products which are unreachable otherwise. But disadvantage is- definitely it is a threat to other quality product markets. Because people seems to get more and more confused with the quality differences. So many times the original product is confused with these less quality ones especially with those ignorant people who seriously needs some help. Someone should come up with a practical solution from saving the whole India before it falls into the dark pits of cheap chinese tactics. This could be done by our own manufacturers if they turly wish to do something to us.

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    Good thought Riyasath. Infact, even people who are educated, for the want of features and for the price they can get those products, they prefer Chinese products than the quality ones. Say for instance the mobile phones. You get real fancy stuff for a cheap price when the same featured branded phones cost a fortune.

    Yes as you say, they are boon to those who want to get a product which previlaged are using. But at times, those products create lots of hazards, both physically and mentally.

    We have lots of villages, and lots of educated young youth, who can be trained to make these products as cottage industry. Once India used to have lots of cottage industries even for machinery and other things, but now a days when they say cottage industry it have stopped with certain things like agarbathi making, mat weaving, or edible items like pickles etc.

    If those young educated, unemployed youth come together we can make a great amount of progress and can give cheaper but quality products. When we are able to make a laptop for Rs. 500 cant we make a quality mobile phone for Rs. 50 or Rs. 100. We should be able to. But yes as you say some one should take an initiative and make India a self reliant country.


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    Thank you RajmiArun for your comment. Ofcourse the change can be initiated with the educated young youth of our country. However the gorverment changes and whoever tries to bring the change and whatever the unemployment statistics are showing changes over years. There is this constant complaint of umemployment almost throughout the country. Everone cannot go for the white collar jobs or keep on expecting to obtain one. Instead these educated young youth whose potential is always getting increased should believe they could bring the change. They should believe in leading. They should aim to offer jobs to others instead of counting on safe salary comforts. If they keep their ambitious level more powerful then definitely they could bring the change and we may become the prestigious self reliant nations with more potential labors and most determined leaders.

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    Chinese products are really a competition for Indian producers. They have all types of quality ranges for various class customers. Their prime target is low income group hence they are just pushing their cheap products to India.

    They are well using their population for manufacturing these products with lesser labour cost.

    Even though India is equally potential to their population but couldn't compete in producing products like them.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Wow most indian friends bia on Chinese products
    Yes i confess some of our product not better quality,however,we also have first level quality but Nearly most of indian client dont think they are their taste,isnt it?

    Secondly,chinese people can produce them why not other country's people cant? chinese people are working-hard ones,isnt it?

    Third,if indian friend dont think any practical use for them,why import one lot by one lot?

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    Hi darren,
    We didn't mean to hurt you chinese in any sense except we won't appreciate others making a fool of us with their low-graded products. We still appreciate your hard work more than anyone in the world that doesn't mean we are not hard working people. Yes its true most of us appreciate your product thats only because of its low cost, since its a known fact India is a country of under-previledged villages. Its true if you can produce them then we definitely are capable of producing them too. Only thing is we dont believe in quantity istead we believe in quality. And believe me if we are to produce such low-quality products there will not be an indian to buy, because they will not be willing to refer them saying its Indian like they refer its Chinese which means to be of low quality.And definitely we will not export them to another country and degrade ourselves. And you know what your reputation made them believe even the high branded quality products from china is of same quality even if it was of good quality, but we cannot be so sure of that, do we?. Your third question was already answered in my third sentence.

    Wow you made write to this length.... Thank you dude.

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    Chinese products are really a competition for Indian .But if you go and buy and shop they will not give any gurantee on that, as soon as you buy they will tel within few seconds anything happened they are not responsibility. what is the use of this kind of products. Our indian people are mad to buy their cheap products.

    They are well using their population for manufacturing these products with lesser labour cost.

    Even though India is equally potential to their population but couldn't compete in producing products like them.


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    hi all,
    yes what our ISR team says is good. Once if we start consuming chinese products to a greater extent, then we will get used to them due to their cheap cost and availability, but the Indian producers will not be able to survive for a long period. This is also the case for buying other nation products which we buy without knowing about them. I am not against the foreign products but i advice to consume the Indian made products which can increase our Indian economy and hence our growth rate. There are several goods like this. We can just change our brand just to improve our nations' growth. This is not like donating money but jus changing our mindset to buy Indian products. I take this chance to advice all our members to buy Indian products, nothing is wrong in it.


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    Dear friend,
    I support the coming of Chinese products, b'cos of there coming, domestic players improve their products, reduce prices etc. Yes, its a threat to our local brands. To overcome, we have to introduce innovative & unique products in all fields, good research even on small items, nice designs & looks etc., very good quality and less price, a domestic culture of making such things inside a little home, and good service. Chinese products lacks quality and safety, as hazardous materials are used in it. Our domestic players can distribute the work to small units and collect them and market them in large scale. In this way we can overcome them. Make more and export our products to China. They our economy also improve.

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