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    Help us to prepare the FAQ

    Dear all,
    Though most of you have been quite active in IRC for sometime, from time to time, you get queries as to whether what you are doing is right or wrong. Currently we are in the process of creating FAQ for IRC. So pls put in all those questions that come to your mind in this thread, so that we could provide the answers for those queries in the FAQ. This will help the present members and also the new members to undestand IRC better and to make it the most popular website for Indian Products and their Reviews.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Webmaster, IRC
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    What is IRC?
    What do I gain from joining IRC?
    What is Google AdSense?
    When will I get my payment?
    What is the role of an editor?
    How can I become an editor?

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    Thanks Kumar for posting these questions. We will give you answers for these questions in IRC.

    Webmaster, IRC


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    What is IndiaReviewChannel?
    When was it started?
    How exactly do I earn as claimed by this site?
    Are points equivalent to cash credits?
    What is the use of points if they are not equivalent to cash credits?
    What is Google AdSense and how to register?
    How can I become an active member?
    How are my contributions valued?
    Who are the people who edit my work?
    How many products are currently available in IRC?
    How long should my reviews be?
    How can I develop interest in this site?
    How fast do I earn money?
    How do I refer this to my friends and what are it's benefits?
    How can I contribute more to this site other than products and reviews?
    Can I copy lines from other sites?

    Ankush Das
    IndiaStudyChannel Senior Editor

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    Why we should participate in Google adsense through IRC?
    What is the criteria to become an editor?
    When the payment is made?


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    Dear Ankush and Shrestha,
    Thanks for the inputs. Though I am preparing the FAQ with most of those questions that came to my mind, I want to add all those that a new member will be asking. Will add answers to those queries posted by you in the FAQ. Keep giving us more such.

    Webmaster, IRC


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    Hi Rajmi,

    What does IRC stand for ?

    Which Prodcuts will be available in this site ?

    How the reviews are given ?

    Are the reviews copied from other websites or they are the opinions of the members of IRC or actual views of the end users of the products ?

    Whether I have to pay any fee to join this site ?

    Whether reviews relating to other countries will be there ?

    How far we can rely your products and reviews of products ?

    If I want to become a member or editor, what steps I have to follow ?

    Instead of awarding points for the work done is there any chance of giving cash credits ?

    Subba Raju,
    Member, IRC

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    On what criteria you fix points to members? What is the age limit to become a member in IRC? Can people outside India become a member of IRC? What is the basic qualification to become a member of IRC? Can an NRI become a member in IRC?
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    What happens if i did not login for several months?
    What should i do if there is a change in address?
    Who is the founder of IRC?
    How long will it take to get approval from google adsence?
    Is there any specific address for IRC?
    ON what criteria you give stars?
    Is there any specific working hours for the editor?

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    Why would someone pay me for posting reviews?

    Who is in the IRC online panel?

    I lost my password is there any way to retrive it?

    How do I update or change my personal information including my email address?

    How do I unsubscribe from IRC?

    If I unsubscribe will I get my cash credits earned so far?

    Why should I rate the response posted by members?

    What if anyone register with IRC but did not earn any points or cash credits for several months?

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    Dear Rajmi Arum,
    I find this very interesting for I first saw this website in May when I joined Indiastudychannel and I was not impressed by it. I joined it only in August and I learnt little by little about this site.
    I feel even now my knowledge about this site is not complete.

    The questions I feel to be addressed are as follows.

    What is IRC?

    Why should I become a member?

    How to retrieve password?

    What is adsense revenue sharing programme?

    What kind of contents are to be posted in the resources section?

    How to start a thread in a forum?

    How to rate the answers given by members?

    How to earn more points?

    How to earn points along with some money?

    How to start a poll?

    How to get your money in case you wish to unscribe from IRC?

    Who are mentors?

    How can I become a mentor?

    How to write reviews and earn points/ points and money?

    What do I earn by bringing in new members to IRC?

    As and when we start the product submission section we should also add the question.

    What are the minimum details to be given while submitting a new product?

    How to present a review so that it gets qualified by the editors?

    How my points and cash credits are calculated?

    These are some of the questions which crept in my mind.

    Lalitha Rajappa,
    Member, IRC

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    When was IRC started?

    Who started India Review Channel?

    Is IRC officially a partner with Google AdSense?

    What should I do if I have a change in my email address?

    Should I inform you if I change my location?

    How far my personal information safe?

    Can the members of my family write reviews?

    Is there any official address for IRC?

    What motivated to start IRC?

    What is the goal of IRC?

    Why IRC cancelled my membership?

    Why Google AdSense cancelled my account?

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    Who are mentors?

    Is it compulsory to select a mentor?

    Do I have to pay any fee to mentors?

    On what criteria do you appoint mentors?

    How can I become a mentor?

    What kind of help can I expect from mentors?

    Is there any qualification to become a mentor?

    How long after joining IRC can I become a mentor?

    What advantages will I get if I become a mentor?

    Do editors and webmasters get salary for their work?

    Will my articles and reviews published in any other website?

    What if I write negative review about a product?

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