Write a blog in Blogger.com and get paid

Write a blog and get paid.

The product will be announced from time to time

What is paid blog program?

You can write blogs in www.blogger.com about certain topics related to IRC. We will review such blogs and award points and cash credits. You can earn up to Rs 15 per blog post, and 45 points max depending on the quality of the blog.

On what topic you can write blogs ?

Every few days, we will suggest a new topic to post blogs. Only the blogs written about this specific subject will be eligible for cash credits.

Why do IRC pay for writing blogs in www.blogger.com ?

We are targeting certain keywords important for IRC. When there are several blogs related to such keywords linking to IRC, search engines will understand that IRC is an important website related to that keyword. So, when people search for such keywords in search engines like Google, they will display IRC in top of the search results.

To achieve this result, it is very important that you must provide 1 or 2 URLs pointing to the specific page in IRC as given in the LINK URL above. Also, the anchor text used in the clickable URL in your blog must be one of the keywords given above.

What is anchor text ?

Anchor text is the "text" used in the clickable hyperlinks. See the example:

Write a knol and make money

In the above example, the Link URL is 'http://www.indiareviewchannel.com/forum/1919-Write-Knol-New-payment-program-from-IRC.aspx' and anchor text is 'Write a knol and make money'


- The blog you post must contain very limited number of clickable hyperlinks and they should use the anchor text as shown above.

- To participate in this program, you must post a blog in www.blogger.com.

- You must submit the URL of your blog in http://www.IndiaReviewChannel.com/links/ section

- Approved blogs will earn points in IRC

- Approved blogs will earn cash credits and thrice the points earned by the specific blog.

- Each member can submit only one blog per keyword. From time to time, we will change the keywords and URLs listed above. At that time, you can write new blogs.

- You must use one of the keywords given in the top of this page as the anchor text and it should point to the URL given in the top of this resource.

- Each blog must have at least 10 lines of text.

- Each blog must use the keywords listed above few times within the blog.

- You will earn points and cash for the same post. The points you get for each post will be thrice as your cash credits for the same post. For example, if you get 30 points for a blog post, that means you earned Rs 10 for that post.

- Total Amount will be calculated and announced every quarter (4 times a year - April 1, July 1, October 1, January 1)

- You will get paid when your total earnings from IRC reach the minimum amount mentioned in http://www.indiareviewchannel.com/credits/

- The total number of clickable links in your blog post must be less than 5. if there are more than 2 clickable links in your blog, at least 2 of the clickable links must point to the URL LINK given in the top and the anchor text of those links must be the keywords given above.

- You can create one blog and then make multiple posts each time when we announce new topics to blog.

Make extra money

This is an optional step and is not required to qualify to earn money from IRC.

You can include AdSense Ads in your blogs and make some extra money. To get more traffic to your blog and earn more money, submit your blogs to the following sites:

1. http://www.technorati.com/ping

2. http://www.google.com/addurl.html

Learn how to add AdSense account to your blog