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    What is the minimum payout on IRC

    Hello editor,May i know What is the minimum payout on IRC?
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    The minimum payout is Rs. 5000.00/= as on date. But it is solely at the discretion of the site administrator to change it. Most of your cash credits will come from writing reviews, writing blogs, knols etc. For more details check the Make money from IRC link on top of every page.

    Webmaster, IRC


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    Thanks Ramji Arun for explaining it. I don't know when i will finally reach 5000 Rs.

    Best Reviews,
    Golden Member of IRC

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    I had made an earlier request that the minimum payout should be Rs.1000/- as is done at ISC. I request the Webmaster to have that threshold here too.
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    Dear VK,
    For any website to pay its contributors, needs revenue. Revenue for IRC, comes from the reviews written for the products. Just by adding products, or adding business listings, you will not be able to increase your revenue or the website's revenue.

    We are review channel, so it is not worth simply increasing our points by adding new products. Kindly start writing more and more reviews. Who knows, when more revenue comes, our site administrator might consider Rs. 1000/= as minimum pay out.


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    Our minimum payout is still Rs 5000, but I will pay everyone who reached Rs 1000 on or before Jan 31.

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    Thank you very much, Tony , for coming out with such a gift for the new year.
    Hey!!! That is good news every one. Come on Guys, Try to get to
    Rs 1000 by the end of the month for the pay out. You need not wait till you get to Rs.5000

    All the best to you.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Dear all,
    It is a great news from our administrator. Come on friends, start writing good reviews and reach the payout. Writing lots of reviews will definitely bring in lots of revenue to the website and in turn we can also get lots of revenue.

    Start reviewing.


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    Its a great information for me, as I am a new comer. Writing reviews attracts more brands to come here and more revenue for the site. And more revenue means, more for the contributors. I will definitely try to write some

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