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    Adsense friendly programs?

    I wish to know that which programs are friendly with Google adsense. i.e. I have sites with adsense but I want increase the revenue by subscribing to Kontera like service to increase my income. Please suggest me anybody.
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    There is no such Friendly programmes to Adsense, Before some months, Google was not allowing its publshers to have some third party ads in their site in which Google Ads are being published.

    But recently before some five months i guess, Google changed their policy regarding this and it allows publishers to use third party ads like "Kontera".

    Kontera has "In-Text" type of Ads and it will not affect Google Ads in any case and I personally suggest you to use Adsense instead of any other Contextual Ads program.


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    Thanks a lot, Ram Kumar,

    I still fixed up with adsense only. This is a very good one to earn. Right now I am earning Rs. 5000/month may try to improve it soon. Please give me suggestion to increase the revenue.

    Thanking you.

    Sekhar Chandra
    Golden IRCian

    Thanking you.

    Sekhar Chandra,
    Golden IRCian

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    Adsense is the best programme available till now. I have tried many programmes of Pay Per Click Advertising, Affiliate Products. My experience is that Adsense pays the best among other companies. Because they have a huge data base of clients who use Adwords and they also give the ads that are most matching to a web page.

    In the case of Bidvertiser and Kontera, they pay less and it takes very long time to reach their payout. This is my experience and i will always say that "Adsense Friendly is Adsense Only"

    Best Reviews,
    Member of IRC

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