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    Blog Writing - Dos and Don'ts

    I have been seeing some mistakes which you are all trying to participate in the Blog Contest. I just wanted to help you out with these simple to follow tips.

    Blog writing Dos and Don'ts

    Do not start a new blog for each and every post. Sign in to your blog and click at New Post. When you come to the page write what you want to and then submit. Before that do what all you want to. Give a good title and that too according to the subject you are writing the blog for.

    Give links whenever and wherever you can, links are most important in Blogging. Add adsense code to your blog by going to the layout and selecting adsense and adding your account number given by the

    Always keep your posts about 250 words approximately.
    Do not write long posts, no one will have the patience to go through the whole article. Make it interesting by adding your mistakes and failings you have faced while trying to do that.

    Always think what you would like to do if you go and see someones blog?
    Just give a thought about it. You will know what you will have to do. Make it personal and your character should be visible there.

    I am not that succesful a blog writer as you might think but I am learning to be a better one. If you want to know more about blog writing do make it a point to visit
    and all other articles in that blog.
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    Hi Latha Ma'am,
    Very nice and informative points. Another thing that I wanted to add is a pretty common one which I noticed in some members' blogs. Please do a thorough research before writing some products' features. It is necessary.

    If one does not know much about the feature, do not post it but do not give wrong information. It becomes pretty much misleading and annoying for the reader. Always put in the right features and your thoughts. It always helps.

    Also, please do not copy your blogs from other sites. Copying is very easy but writing on your own is a different fun altogether. Just try. And keep posting good blogs. I expect a lot of competition from the future. Keep posting.

    Ankush Das
    IndiaStudyChannel Senior Editor

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    Dear Ankush,

    Thanks for the post and your support.

    Yes there are lots of mistakes to be seen in the blog posts by new members who do not know much about blogging.

    At least they can get the help of the other members who know about posting like you do. Come out with more points and help out others.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Dear Latha,
    IT`s really informative and helpful. Really you have done a good job. keep rocking and happy posting.

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    Hi everyone

    Its been quite a time there is any update in announcement section with respect to blog contests.Can we expect more blog contests or is it over.

    I joined IRC little late so members like me will not get a chance to participate in contests like this.

    I hope IRC will sooner come with new initiatives.

    Warm Regards

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    Hi Waseem,

    Please do wait for a day or two. Our Webmaster is out of station. As soon as she comes in she will come out with the new announcement.

    You will all get a chance to participate in the Blog Contest and write good reviews.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hi Latha Ma'am,

    Thank you for posting this information.It would be of immense help for

    people like me who wanted to start blogging.The link given was very



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    Hi Daya,

    Thank you very much for the compliments. If you need any help you can always write to us. We will help you in every way you want us to.

    You can write Blogs, and Knols too if you can, about the products mentioned here in the channel. If you do not see the products, add them first and then give the link there.

    Participate in the Blog contest as and when it is announced. You can compare products from different brands and post them in the blogs too and give the link to India Review Channel.

    Answer at yahoo Answers, Ask Agent or Ammas.comEnjoy writing and earn well. , Ibibo, Rediff Answers etc and give the link. There are lots of ways with which you can learn.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Thanks for your response of blog editing,
    I too try to get into it in a better way.

    Thanking you.

    Sekhar Chandra,
    Golden IRCian

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    Dear Editor,

    Thank you for your guidence on blog writing. Gone through the web site of 'ten tips to write a good blog'. At the first, you have mentioned the points in a nut shell. Nice to look over and terminated the idea of lengthy comments and switching over to indulges.


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    hi latha,

    thanks a lot for your guidelines. This would help us a lot in correcting our mistakes. Yes what you said is right some of our members are trying to make their posts and reviews but they do not convey the same in a right manner. So i think this would be of a great help to our new joinees and the recently joined members. one can post all his ideas and thoughts in this forum, but has to make it clear and should be in a manner that every one can understand and it should be exactly depicting what one is having in his/ her mind. So I would like to say to our members to sincerely follow these guidelines given by latha and reproduce the same in their following articles and forum/ forum replies. Once again thanks for your valuable points, latha.


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