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    Why My Posts in Hospital Category Deleted

    Why My Posts in Hospital Category Deleted when i have provided the contact information correctly. Give the reason for deleting just like it is done in Dotnet spider for deleting posts.
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    Hi Bestreviews,

    You have neither mentioned the Concerned Doctor's name of those hospitals nor the specialty treatment / Care given by those Hospitals.

    If and only if these details are mentioned in the Attributes I have been asked by the Webmaster to approve the products. Otherwise the products get deleted. That's all.

    Not only in hospitals, even in the other categories of business listings, if there are not enough attributes mentioned, the products are being deleted.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Dear BestReviews aka Shinu John,
    Let me clarify you, that we are not just listing out hospitals and their names with address and phone numbers in our website, we need to give atleast a few more details, especially when it comes to hospitals.

    Let me start with KIMS - you have given just it is a multispeciality hospital. There is a website for this hospital and it gives lot more details and details that can be added in the attributes are also there.

    On searching the web, the second one Dhanvanthri Matam, also have a website with full details of contact address and email ids.

    Only based on that it have been deleted. Of course you can ask us, why cant you have edited and approved it, but we at present have deleted it, but if you can add all those details and inform us, then I will edit and approve them.

    Let me tell you again, listing the hospital name and detail is done by so many other websites, we want to give a few more detail apart from just listing their name and address, that is why that business listing is started in IRC. Kindly understand the importance of what we are doing, and co-operate with us.


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    I donno whether i can reply or not. I was preparing to submit my business listing. And it is not an easier task as the editors have mentioned that we need to fill in all the attributes( And when i went to your first link I didnt find most of the attributes. If we can also add like this and expect lots of points then everyone will do that. Please keep ur work as per your name. You are a member of diamond level and if you are giving a listing like this then it is looking bad. Hope I have made my point clear and didnt hurt you.

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    Hi BestReviews or whoever you are,

    You do not have the courage to come out in the open and say who you are and you are talking about jealousy!!
    Why do you think that I am jealous towards you, it looks like it is just the opposite case.
    Details from websites are copied only. I cannot rewrite all the details they mention in their web business listings. Also I had never mentioned about copy pasting details, in my mails or posts to anyone.
    Why do you keep talking about the copy pasting part of it when we are just asking for detailed Attributes? Have I ever told you that you are not to copy paste any of the details?
    I just said I deleted the hospitals listing as I was asked by Webmaster. Even Admin was aware of that.
    You have been attacking me from the first. First you pointed out that my spellings were wrong, then my editing was slow and not up to your mark etc. You never liked my posting business listings.
    I had not answered because I am not the one to get affected by these petty things.
    Even when I saw your post, I gave the link to our Admin Tony and asked him to go through that and take a decision(I also came to know that you didn't have the courage to write to him as you had threatened me).
    He has given me full permission to go ahead as I was doing all this time. You can abuse me as much as you want. I just do not bother. Those who know me only need understand me.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Dear Surabi,

    Thank you very much for trying to give me support. I like to tell you and other IRCians too, that I know many of you understand me. I try to do what I am asked to, here. I do not decide anything on my own.
    Since our webmaster and I have a good rapport, we will not get into misunderstandings however hard one tries to. At least we understand each other.

    Thank you very much for all your support you have given me all this time and I hope you will continue to be the same.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hello Bestreviews,
    Can you tell me that how can you post 100 hospitals in an hour? Also please tell me that how can you work 15 hours sitting in front of the computer continuously everyday. Either you are a GOD or a cheater. If you really think what you have done is not wrong, come out and respond here right in this forum if you have the guts. You just cannot abuse our editor's and webmaster's good work just by coming on to a public forum and saying that they are incompetent. Well I suppose you need to know that the whole IRC is fumed against your comments because IRCians know how good their editors and webmasters are working and we stand united against people like you. Good point Latha Ma'am. That is how we should deal with these rowdy people.

    Keep up the good work Admins. We always support you wherever you are.

    Ankush Das
    IndiaStudyChannel Senior Editor

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    Dear Surabi and Ankush,
    Thanks a lot for your supportive words.

    We are putting our best efforts not just for our own benefit. IRC is one of its first kind in India, which is keen to list products, business places and also reviews for them.

    Again let me tell you, we are not here just to list out things, we want IRC to be more informative and a one stop guide. We want to make IRC a ready reckoner.

    I here by take the opportunity as the webmaster to thank all the active contributors of IRC. Contribute more, earn more and let us make this site the number one.


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    Hi BestReviews,

    Can I remind you that we have not received any reply from you till now. Now let us come to a new issue.

    Just go through this link of yours. You have posted this in the Restaurants. Since it did not have any details I just went to check the website you have given in the Attributes.


    That is a star hotel situated in white field and the Bombay Bhelpuri Chaat is not a restaurant there. Not only that, the White Rengency Hotel is situated in Bangalore where as the Bombay Bhelpuri is situated in Mysore as per the address you have given.

    I have not deleted the Restaurant till now. What do you want me to do?? You have been doing things like this and you expect us to approve blindly.

    You had also put in Restaurants like Chellanm Canteen, Bhai Biryani Khdai etc which we have deleted already. Why didn't you mention those in the list which you gave of the Hospitals?

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Editors,if a member like 'best reviews' posts products that are incomplete and it is later deleted, will minus points automatically follow?
    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    We are trying for that Vandana. Though not immediatly, minus points will be implemented soon. This person have given the editors a tough time to edit his products. In the beginning, we googled for details and added to his products, but subsequently we found that we have to edit each and every posting he have added. Thats why some of his posts have been deleted and some of them have been awarded less points. But if this trend is continued, by either him or by any other member, we will definitely be awarding negative points.

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