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    Kontera Revenue sharing

    Hi friends

    We know and we have quite a few posts here for google adsense. But i want all the peers to help me and other members of ISC to know about kontera revenue sharing.

    * When we register it ask for publisher id what is that for?

    * Why IRC needs publisher id and how does an individual will come to know how much revenue is getting generated from kontera.

    * Can the same publisher ID shared between different sites like ISC,blogs etc.

    * Does IRC will have an record of individual kontera income and are there any incentives given if it crosses certain limit?

    * Any other points apart from the above which IRC experienced members can share for the betterment of this community.

    Warm Regards
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    Publisher Id is an unique identification number for each publisher account. Using this publisher id IRC can access your adcodes and implement it in your resource post so that you can generate revenue. For each publisher only one unique id is provided your id is same for blog, ISC etc.

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    It is just like Google ad sense, members will get 90% of the revenue share from your content pages. Kontera will be just an additional revenue source for members.
    Kontera is a new revenue sharing program in ISC. After registration you have to paste your Kontera publisher id in the Manage Third party ad revenue sharing page in ISC.
    *To find the Kontera publisher Id, login Kontera and go to the tab 'ContentLink Setup'.
    *You can find the publisher id from the 4th line in the HTML tag generated. It will be a 5 or 6 digit number.

    *Post good resources. Kontera ads will be automatically shown in your resources.
    *After adding the kontera or adsense,we have to publish our own work on ISC.That is enough.
    Kontera ads will be displayed as per keyword you use in your content.If kontera or Google ad sense program found no suitable keyword in your content then no ads will be displayed.
    Actualy this will not happen frequently,in adsense you will always find ads because google have very vast advertiser registered with them,but in kontera it is difficult to target keywords.Kontera have their own database some times our content are not suitable according to them.
    Just publish more and more work so there are chances of displaying ads in kontera.The kontera ads will displayed pop up window,you will see a underline below any word,there will be a ads to display.

    Don't click your own ads in kontera and as well as adsense,otherwise you will be banned and loose all the online income.
    To know just more about this Kontera revenue sharing program

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