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    please help me

    Can anyone explain what exactly is a product submit? Is it mean introducing new products to this site or submitting a real product? Please help me. Thank you.
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    Hi Riyasath,

    Welcome to India Review Channel. What do you want to know about Product submit?
    You can submit any product which is not already mentioned here. You have to get the details and also the attributes needed for that product. It should not be a duplicate entry. You can enter many in the Business listings. There aren't many there. If you can search and find a product which is not there enter all the details and hit the submit button.

    You can write reviews. I have seen your reviews, you can add a little more and make the review interesting and attractive. Just go through all the reviews here and then start writing. That will give you an idea of what you have to write. All the best

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Yes, you can share your books, housegold products, example, mobiles, tv, refrigerators, all products which we are using in our daily life.
    when you open this site first line only you can come to know catagory of products, that kind of all products you can share with this channel.


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    I try to write some reviews earlier, but when looking for models, I have to go home for the exact number of my fridge or washing machine. Once I reach home, I forget about all things in net. There I play with my son. I have to concentrate more on product nos., for writing reviews.

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    Hi Jose,

    That happens to everyone. You need not worry about. You tend to relax with kids.

    You can write editorial type reviews also if you can. Then you need not remember your fridge or washing machine no.

    Just read through what the company has written about the product, then summarize and reproduce it here. Those type of reviews also are needed here.

    For example you can go through the reviews written by Rajmi and me.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    I was not aware that we could summarize a company's writeup of a product as a review. Would that make it a genuine review? Please clarify, as if it is permitted then members would definitely be contributing more.


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    Hi Riyasath,

    As per you its not the product which needs to be created or its not a new idea to make that product .. I wish this one should be introduced in IRC , its a wonderful idea riyasath, every man in this world has his own potential to think. If one suggests a new product and product manufacturers understand the requirement, here IRC indirectly becomes a initiater in developing a new product .. hopefully that comes in future , for your question we should submit the existing products available in the market and are not listed on IRC earlier .. hope you understood my words .. happy posting with IRC

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    Hi Vk,

    Not all product reviews can be written after using them. We can use only one product at home for which we can write personalised interviews. That is your own experiance. For each and every model you cannot write personalised interviews.

    So on the basis of what information you have and by going through other reviews where such information is given you can write reviews.
    If you see the list of reviews we had written, you will understand. These type are known as Editorial type Reviews. Just go through my list, all of them will be in third person only.
    If someone wants to buy a model, they can go through these and then decide about which model to buy. There will be nothing there about the experience but only the little tidbits about the features of the products. That's all.

    You can collect by surfing the other sites but do not copy paste. Just write in your own words what you see there.
    I do hope I make myself clear.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Yes Vandana,
    Lathaji is right, and both of us have been writing reviews of that sort. It is ok to summarize and write in your own words, yes own words. Copy pasting from other websites, or even from the company's websites are not encouraged.

    That is what I have been telling all along. We need atleast one review for each of the premium products posted in IRC to bring in more traffic. Any one can do it. Not necessary the editors have to write such type of reviews.


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