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    My restaurant post is no.2 on google search!

    Just now I casually typed Kebab Court,ECR review in Google search and I was so excited to see my post at IRC popping up at No. 2 !! It is really thrilling to know that if somebody, somewhere, is looking for a review of this restaurant, he/she just may read my post.

    I hope all IRC members in a similar manner help IRC to become a success and submit great contributions to direct visitors here.
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    Yes Vandana,
    When we started posting business listings, and started writing reviews for them, we have seen our posts and reviews coming in google search. Yes, it gives a great feeling to see ours listed in the first page of google search. This is a good sign and I can very much tell you, the more the contribution from members, the sooner we can reach our target in page Ranking.

    Good job. Keep posting. Happy Earning.


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    Its really great.I had several websites on different topic.Thats really motivating something to hear like that from you.

    Congrats !!!

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    Yes this is really a motivating topic for the members. Members can actively participate in writing reviews on the products so that they will reach a large impressions.
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    Dear Vk,


    Yes, you are right. I read the review too. Its really good. Well, Are you talking about : /


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    No Aira, search for Kebab Court ECR and you will get to see IRC in the first page.

    Copy paste the above link and you will see IRC second in the list.


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    The review at is not mine; I write reviews only for IRC and no other site. I am also happy to inform members that I have earned some cash credits from my reviews for February. Let me inform you that although it is a really tiny sum as compared to my earnings from regular work, I get a good deal of satisfaction and pride from my earnings here and at ISC.

    I take this oppurtunity to thank the Webmaster and the Editor Lathaji for all their guidance and support. As and when I get free time from my professional work I will definitely continue to contribute to IRC.

    I hope more members contribute by writing reviews - it is not difficult actually; at some point of time you must have driven in a vehicle [even if not your own], eaten out, used a computer, etc.; you just need to write in your own words about your experience of using that product / dining at the restaurant / comfort in that car, whatever. Also, your home will be having various applianes which you can write about. Simple!

    Come on everybody! Start posting reviews to get IRC on the first page of Google Search more times!

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    Hi Vk,

    Congratulations .. it is a great experience to see our post on the top of the search engines with just 1 or 2 ahead of our post, i too had the same experience with India Study Channel where Tony has guided how we can we make our thread to appear on the first page of google search .. check out the below link you will understand his valuable comments .. read Tony's comments Valuable Comments

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    Its very nice to hear, you posting come at no.2 position on Google. Google, the no.1 search engine, and getting the 2nd position is a big thing. Its a good boost for IRC too. So keep your blogs alive and add more and more

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    Hello Vk & RajmiArun,

    Well, I am sorry. I thought that was yours but Vk congrats again. I found it with RajmiArun's help above. Thanks for helping me searching the right one.

    Now, I hope I am absolutely correct. This is your link and I read it too.."Kebab Fest"

    Am I right?


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    Hearty conguratulation! sounds good that our IRC is in the top position just because of you people.This news motivat me really,

    what can I do? can you give me a right suggestion about IRC how to make more points in this,From where I get the reviews,products ? many more question in mind I am confused?

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    Hi Shuby,
    You can write reviews, you can post details in blogs answer in yahoo answers. If you go through various sections of IRC you will get an idea as to what you can do and how you too can earn and bring more viewership for IRC and make it to top in all search engines.


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