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    Approval of book which was edited after rejection

    Dear Web masters, I have edited and posted a new book by editing the rejected one earlier due to repeat save by the system. But the new entry is also showing in red colour in stead of pending. Please go through the link below and approve it.

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    will check that. Also I here by request you and all those posting books;

    We are here announced ourselves as review channel and we need to give atleast one review for all the products listed here. Though we have a separate category as books, if you can add books of interest for people and write your own review for those books, then it is acceptable, I see a lot of books especially exam oriented books added here in IRC. Though they are also important, at this current stage when we need to prove ourselves as a review channel, we expect our members to write first hand, quality, own reviews for premium products. Those premium products are marked with a star.

    I am not discouraging you from posting books, but that alone is not going to fetch us revenue. Hope you all know the main source of any website comes from its advertisements and to get more advertisements, from pime companies, we need to follow what we say. Kindly ensure that you write atleast 5 reviews before you post one product. 5 quality reviews.

    Hope you all co-operate with IRC team and will make IRC a big successful Indian Website. We are in the current ranking of 84729 in the Alexa Website ranking. Let us all here by have an aim to bring it below 50,000 by the end of April. To make that we all need to write reviews for the premium products. So friends, start writing and start earning.


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    Hi Rajmi Arun,

    I understood this, as a member I need not be so expert from all sides. The members will post according to their knowledge and interests, then only they will be successful. I tried once by posting a mobile which I got deletion then I understood that my knowledge and expertise is not sufficient to post such articles.

    I have taken your suggestion as positive receipt and will try to implement.


    RK - Some thing special

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    I understand that RK. We all too are not experts in writing reviews, we learnt through experience. We had also failed initially, but did a lot of research and then started writing. So if you try it you can also do. The review would have been deleted because, it would have been copied from another website, as we dont accept copied reviews. But we do appreciate reviews written on own. We have a business section also, there you have restaurants in Hotels and Resorts category. You can write reviews for the restaurants.

    If you are talking about product posting, there are lots of new models of mobiles or cameras or laptops coming into the market, every other day, check for duplicates in IRC and post the product. I had not become webmaster of IRC on day 1. I have worked hard to get to this level.

    Put in your efforts and I am sure, you can do better than me.


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    Dear Rajmi Arun,

    I, as a member of India Review Channel has posted so many reviews but it has not been approved yet. One important thing I wold like to add that until and unless the reviews get approved there is always a low feeling so I request you, please do this process fast I promise you I will try my best reviewing most of the products. Approval of any products at least encourage our will power to do more..

    Thanks and regards,

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    Yes, I totally agree with that reviews written should be checked by not taking too much time. It not only gives enthuasism to write but also encourage and motivate to write more.


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