Alexa rank tracker

From today, the rank tracking will be done here, and will be posted on a daily basis with date here.

The global rank as shown in Alexa is 76112 as on 21/03/2009
It was 80554 yesterday(19/03/2009)

We have shown a 110% growth in the past 3 months.

The users for Indiareviewchannel from the following countries:

United States1.6%
Other countries4.2% traffic rank in other countries:
United States799,609

The global rank for IRC in Alexa as on 25/03/2009 is 74,129
We have shown a 120% growth.

In India IRC is used by 94.4%
In US 1.6%
In other countries 4.2%

IRC rank in other countries:
India - 3,204
USA - 798,190