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    Hello friends

    I was just surfing the reviews here. Most of the reviews found are copied from other websites. Is this allowed here? If not, I will ask the webmaster and editors to mention that on the page where the members are submitting their reviews.

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    Hi Sparsha,
    Reviews cannot be copied, though I take care to check, if there are some reviews that seem to be copied, you are most welcome to intimate it to me. Needful action will be taken asap.


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    I know very well that it is not allowed. What I want is, write it clearly, so that members can know it before posting. I didn't find that is written anywhere. It will be waste of time to clear the copied review of the past. Most of those products are old also. From now onwards be strict on this part so that IRC quickly gets very good rank in search engines.
    I promised Sandy that I will contribute here also.



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    Hi Sparsha,
    IRC users are not allowed to copy reviews from other website and pasting in IRC.Copied reviews will be deleted immediately.If you seen some reviews which are copied from other websites.Feel free to tell it to RajmiArum or Any of the Editors of IRC.We will take a action against it.

    Vinod Sidhana

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    Dear Sparsha,

    First off, IRC doesn't allow to copy, even if it is copied, it get deleted. What are you saying is absolutely wrong and I think you are creating some mis understanding. Plz donot do this. It rather won't help you and secondly, sometimes ones ideas and views also matches at the same time, it doesn't mean it is copied. Sorry, if my words hurt you.


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    Hello friends
    Let me introduce Sparsha, he is a doctor and a lead editor at ISC. O my request he is and will be active now at IRC too. He is well aware of the facts that copying are not allowed, still if he had mentioned means he might have seen something.

    Let me add one more thing he is editing the most important section of ISC that is Resource and Ask experts.

    Sparsha Sir a very warm welcome at IRC, I think if I get your cooperation we can make IRC too among the top review site of India.

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    Hi Sparsha,
    Congratulations and heartly welcome at IRC, its really a good intiative taken by you to help IRC not to be treated as Copy Cats Site, this thread will be useful for all New members and existing members of IRC.


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    This is a very valid point. If people will start copy pasting the reviews then people will not trust the reviews and suggestions and any business cannot exist without trust.

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    Hi all,

    We respect all your comments regarding coping but that is not fair

    may be the person who is coping he/she don't know the rules about

    this If they knows the rules he/she never do that. So before you

    delete their reviews please inform them about this rule,otherwise they will do the same mistake again and again.

    sorry but I think this is my right to say this because I am also a family member of IRC.And I am new in this I hope you will understand.

    but thanks to inform this to new family member of IRC.

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    Dear Shuby,
    It have been informed so many times. We cant keep informing each and every member, why their review is deleted. Before starting with reviews, it is better to go through and get familiarize not just of IRC but of any website, before posting any content. Some websites accept contents copied from other websites, but with a thank you note. Here when we mean reviews for products, we expect, personal reviews or those reviews that have been read and written in own words.


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