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    Why there is delay on cash payment

    Why there is delay on cash payment, as i gave same posts on ISC but cash paid earlier, why it is too slow on IRC as it has the same branch.
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    YOu haven't reached the minimum payout level yet. Why do you think there is a delay ?

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    Hello sir,
    its ok but same manner i got money from ISC as for active participation, without reach min payout.

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    I think the admin is doing their job and gradually you will get your cash credits on time. You just keep posting and enjoy. Your money will not go anywhere, You reach Rs. 5000 and you will be paid instantly, till then keep on reviewing and posting.


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    Hi Webmasters,

    What is the minimum payout in IRC? Is it Rs 5000/- or Rs 1000/-?

    RK - Some thing special

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    Dear all,
    The min payout in IRC is Rs. 5,00000. And so far we have not paid anyone without reaching that minimum payment. But, in the near future it may be done so, for some special awards.

    So friends start participating more actively.


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    Hi Rajmi,

    The min payout in IRC is Rs. 5000/- or Rs.5,00000/- as you told me when I asked you that when I will get paid. Plz clear my doubt. I didn't understand this. Is it for IRC altogether that unless IRC gets Rs.5,00000 we will be paid or something else.

    Plz let me know this and clear my doubt


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    Hi Aira,
    I dont remember saying so. Any member of IRC will get paid, when they reach Rs. 5,000.00. May be it is a typo error. If I had typed so I am sorry.


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    Yes,Rajmi,you have made a typo error by mentioning minimum payout as 5,00000 - you forgot to put the dot before the last 2 zeros in your first response, so it reads as 5 lakhs!

    Ram Anand: the only time that Tony announced a lesser minimum payout was for January, when he stated that he would pay anybody who attained Rs.1000/- amount by Jan.31st. However, since nobody reached that level, no payout was given. I too had a couple of times requested for a lesser minimum payout, but Tony had stated that the revenue here is not so much as to warrant less minimum payout. So we just have to abide by the rules and reach the Rs.5,000/- payout level.

    ISC makes far greater revenue than IRC, hence at ISC the Webmaster sometimes may consider paying members before they reach the payout level. This is not possible at IRC because of less revenue. So we all members must continue to give our best contributions to increase the revenue by attracting traffic to IRC. Then only we will benefit!


    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    Hello vk,

    You are absolutely correct. What I wanted to say to Rajmi, you mentioned in your comment. Thanks!!

    Actually, I knew that the minimum payout is Rs.5000/- but she mistakenly left dots in between which may misguide the new members thats why I wrote it to Rajmi so that she can mention it clearly.

    As far as traffic is concerned, I think gradually we are reaching to the best and above day by day. The popularity is getting more and more in India.

    I hope we will make it to the top and get benefitted by IRC to all of us.

    Also, personally, I would like to thank you vk.

    Thank you so much for awaring me the rules regarding the blog contest. I hope now my blog will be accepted.

    What do you think??

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Dear Rajmi, Its all write. No need to say Sorry!

    Well, that was a typing mistake. But can create confusions too to the new members. Thats why I wrote that. Anyways, Take care.


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