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    Photo Submission Guidelines

    When you submit photos, please take care of the following guidelines:

    1. Absolutely no photos which are vulgar in nature

    2. Post photos relevant to the post. For example, in case of a product page for "TATA NANO", post photos of the car (interior, driving seats, wheels etc). NANO is a special case and you could even post the photos of the release announcement etc.

    However, you should not post the photos of a person driving the car, individual sitting in the car etc. The photo should project the car, not the people.

    2. In case of business listing, you can post photos of the shop/office etc. In case of a company, it is a okay to post photos of a large group of employees of the business, but NOT photos of individuals.

    The only scenario where the photo of individual person is accepted is, if you post the service offered by individuals (like doctor's clinic, lawyer's office, chartered accountant office etc). In such cases, it is the person who is more important than the office.

    3. In general, we will accept a maximum of 10 photos per business/product. There may be some extra ordinary, special cases we accept additional photos, but that need to be justified.
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    In the case of a restaurant interior, it is possible that individuals will naturally appear in the photo. Should we avoid posting such photos too? Secondly, if the diners include myself or friends/family, is that ok?

    Also,I think that if a member takes a photo of the exterior of a vehicle that is not his or her own or of a friend but,say,of a vehicle parked, it is better to avoid a photo where the license plate can be seen.


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    This announcement help us for new who don't know the rules.


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    Shuby Arora

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    Hey VK, simply pixelize the photo using any image editing software.

    I use Irfanview -> Image -> Effects -> Explosion for a selected area to be pixelized.

    Information about Irfanview can found at:

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    Thanks Vivek for sharing this news with us. I am sure not only VK, but also others will be able to do some real good photo posting in IRC

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    Thanks for the new sharing new rules, which we never heard about posting picture/photos to the site. I hope this will help others too.

    thanking you
    With regards
    Any -always with IRC

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    Any -Always with IRC

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