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    When and why does a poll become inactive?

    I would like to know why does an opinion poll submitted here become inactive so quickly. At the same time I would like to know what conditions make the poll inactive in the first place?
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    Hi Vivek,

    I couldn't understand your question clearly. You mean the poll submitted by you got deleted? or the poll submitted by you got approved and disappeared soon?

    RK - Some thing special

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    There are reasons that a poll gets deleted. Polls that are not related to products, like that of who will be the next prime minister etc, will be deleted. Polls related to products, reviews etc will be approved. But if you have created a poll that is relevant to IRC and if it had got deleted please notify me.

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    Thanks Rajmi for letting is know about the poll that why it get deleted. Most of my polls too got deleted. Now I understand the actual reason. I will take care of it and in future I will always post polls related to the product and reviews only.

    Thanks again,

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    Yes Aira

    You are right as India Review Channel is to review about a product and discuss about some products, the polls which we post here should have the same content, if you would like to post polls other than products please create an account with IndiaStudyChannel and post polls of your wish but those are also reviewed and should be reprsenting the site.. this thread will be useful for all the existing and new members of IRC ..

    As per my observation from past 2 days the polls which we posted are still in New Submission state when those will be approved or deleted


    Lets review on SilverScreen
    SilverScreen Reviews

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    Thanks webmaster,

    Thanks For giving us this information. I think you have to make a

    list for DO's and Don't I think it will help us in our future because

    many IRC'ians dont know the rules about IRC and make so many mistake

    again and again so this is my request/suggestion please make it if possible.

    Hope you can understand our problem which we are faceing many time(eg: deleted reviews,polls,coping etc.)

    keep smiling
    Shuby Arora

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    Hi Sra1,

    Thank you so much for your comments. Well, let you know I have already an account with India Study Channel. But you know what I really feel good and comfortable here in IRC, so I rarely go to ISC. Most of time, I spend in IRC, reviewing, resourcing and I love it.

    Though, I had, have many doubt but with times, I hope all my doubts going to be clear as I am little aware of some rules after spending so much time here, I got to know many things. Hope in future I will understand everything clearly and can achieve more name, fame and also money through IRC.

    Thanks & Regards,

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