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    Best review contest - Updates

    We have been giving cash awards for the winners of the review contest. From now on there will be an increase in the points for best reviews. The first prize winner will get 300 points, the second prize winner will get 150 points, the third prize winner will get 75 points.

    We will be announcing the product for review from time to time.

    If you find any new products that are selling like a hot cake in the market, just intimate us and we will have a review contest for that product too. Those who suggest such products will be awarded with a bonus of 25 points.
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    Hi Rajmi Arun,

    This is great idea for giving price for best reviews, so people will look to give their good and best reviews. If they are giving about any product, they will research about the product and will try to give best reviews.

    Also this is a great idea to get more product review in Indianrevewchannel. Actually I am new to this site, I tried to 'Summit Product' but unfortunately the message i got this is not available at this time.

    So I believe through forums we can recommond new products, and people can recommond that product reading the review which they got.

    We should introduce new product in the website because in this 21st century every minutes new new product coming that we never heard or never imagine. Specially from China, they are very clever to introduce new product in the market with cheap price. So be guard.

    With Regards

    Any -always with IRC

    With Regards,
    Any -Always with IRC

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    Hi, Rajmi, the date of this post is old; are you reviving the contest with cash credits as prizes?

    It is mentioned that we can suggest new products for reviews, so I suggest we have a review contest for the Honda Jazz.


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    Hi VK,
    That is a good suggestion, will add that product and will announce a review contest. Thanks for your suggestion.


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    Hi Vk,
    The max points that a member can be awarded in a forum is 20. The remaining 5 points will be added to your review of this product.


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    Hi Rajmi,

    I like Entertainments section but movies posted their are too old. There are several Cool movies came after 2008. A transformer 2 is one of them but we cannot add this movie as a product? This movie is going to be highest grossing movie of 2009.

    Please can you advice.


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    Hi Neeraj,

    You rightly told about movies and similar information. It is suggested to the webmasters to re-open at least some categories of products / business submissions so that we can increase our page ratings in the search engines. Members can add the contents which is being searched at present.

    RK - Some thing special

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    We are doing it soon. I request all the members to give just a few more days time. In the mean time, keep all the data ready, so that you can post them as soon as it is revoked.

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    Hi Rajmi,

    This is really nice to hear the review contest. As per your announcement you said those who suggest hot products will be awarded with a bonus of 25 points. Thats a good news.

    These days the hot product is in the car sector. And you can see all around different cars but the most popular is Hyundai i10. I would suggest "Hyundai i10 Kappa Magna" for a review contest.

    I hope you like this idea and my suggestion.

    Thanks & Regards,

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    Hi RajmiArun,

    It is good idea to start best review contest. I have joined IRC recently. Please can you advice what parameters are set by IRC to choose a contest winner, because reviews are somewhat personnel suggestion kind of thing.

    Everyone provides their experience with that product for which he is providing review.
    So how you choose a best review in these personnel suggestions? I like post reviews in movies section because I am a movie buff and generally watch a movie everyday.

    Please if you advice on this so I can post my reviews keeping in mind the parameters set by you.


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    Hi NK,
    Welcome to IRC. The reviews can be of personal experience, can be the kind of editorial reviews. But it should talk about almost everything of the product.

    As you are a movie buff, I will give the example in the same. If you are writing a review on a movie, write about everything, the cinematography, the story, story line, acting of the actors, the songs, the music etc etc.

    Quantity never does matter. Quality matters. But we dont accpet copied reviews.


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    Hello Rajmi,
    Will the winner get any cash credit other than points.

    Atul Barapatre

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    HI Atul,

    All Cash Credits in IRC has been stop temporarily over all. So that we increased in points. Also, you will get 90% Adsense from your posts & products. So best way is to start product posting in IRC. If traffic generated, then your products will get high revenue too. So, we are giving high points to the winners instead of Cash Credits.

    - Mahesh

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    Hi all..I hope this post is still read as being new..i thought of giving a try here...

    I would like to add reviews on mobile phones n their costs here in Delhi..!! Since this is a festive season and the prices of many mobiles phones have fallen...
    I have surveyed all to give great reviews about the various handsets available..
    Also i have a review ready for nokia let me know where n if I can post it somewhere..???
    Thank u...

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    Hi,candle6, I am very happy to see your response. You are most welcome to add reviews for any product, including mobile phonees. You will help us greatly to increase the traffic to this site.

    On reaching the Gold level, you can apply for the AdSense program through which you can get good earnings.

    I would also like to inform you of our sister sites where too you can submit reviews:
    1. India Study Channnel
    2. MyBengaluru
    3. ChennaiSpider
    4. MumbaiSpider
    5. BengalSpider
    6. DelhiSpider
    7. PuneSpider

    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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