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    Adsense revenue

    I still have a long way to go to reach the minimum $100, but I just want to know: (1) if I reach $50 at ISC and $50 at IRC, can I expect payment from Google? Or do I need to wait for $100 at each of the respective sites? (2)In that case, would it be $200?

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    Hi Vandana,

    Google counts total of 100$, after deducting the the respective shares which will be paid to the concered domine owners like ISC or IRC as per the payment terms of Google. The total which was showing is for the total from all domines after deducting 10% share of the respective sites.

    Your payments will be calculated at the end of the every month by google, if your earnings crossed 100$, they process the cheque payment in the next month.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Yes, RK is right, what ever you see in ISC and IRC is the total adsense revenue. It doesnot mean that you have 50 in ISC and 50 in IRC. Google pays only your total reaches $100

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