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    $50 anybody?

    Hello,IRC members. I just wanted to know if any of you have reached $50, and, if so, in how many monnths since joining IRC?

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    Hi VK,

    My adsense reached to $ 97.92, it will reach to $ 100/- within a day or two. The major contributions are from ISC. Very few clicks I got from IRC. The total is contributions from both in addition to my blogs.

    My journey of adsense revenue started in the middle of Jan '09 only. It took for 3 months to reach 100/-. At present my rate of earnings are $ 2.50 per day.

    RK - Some thing special

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    I do not when i am going to reach this mark. But ISC is only thing that is helping to get some income for Adsense.
    Life Is Beautiful

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    Hi RK How Your Blogs Contribute for you? can you please give an idea

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    Hi Meetu Choudhary,

    You create blogs in, apply Google adsense adds on these blogs according to the layout. Google will place relevant adds on your blog.

    Promote your blog. That's it.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Hi Vandhana,

    Mine is also in nineties. I should have got more than 50$ from IRC itself because I do not get much from ISC. I have started getting from ISC only recently after I started posting in My India section.

    From ammas and my blog also I get some but it is mostly from IRC only. two days back I got one big jump of $2.97 (just one click) from IRC, that too from products side.

    So don't worry. IRC will give you more adsense as days go by. Rajmi and I have been getting adsense mostly through IRC and you know how many pages, we both put in here.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hi Latha Jayaprakash ji,

    I can understand your efforts on this channel. There are lots of postings, reviews are being contributed by you and Rajmi Arun. When compared to ISC, the rate per click value is more in IRC. Product clicks will gain good revenue. We have to work hard for that.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Hi RK,

    Any one can do that. You also start putting in that many pages, you will also see the adsense movement here. ISC has been there for sometime but IRC is not even a year old. Give the channel sometime. It will deliver.
    We have to wait and nauture the baby first to expect returns from that.
    Keep adding good reviews for electronic products. You will see the difference soon.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    I New to IRC . After I joined IRC my google adsense now increased ..

    Hope It will increase to $ 50 Soon

    With faith Santhosh

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    Hello All

    I am now reaching 50$ with a dollar away from it. This is my first half century in Google adsense after nearly 2 years from acquiring it. I had joined ISC now nearly 1 year back and since last few months I am getting active since I bought my own Internet connection.

    Now I am trying to become more active in IRC and MS too along with ISC and my blogs.


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    hi brother give me some idea what to do my google adsense was disabled i got a msg on my blog when i go to add adsense menue that my email id is disabled, can i register with other blog with same email?
    Or should i register from here after becoming silver member?

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    Firstly, Adsense cannot be acquired by using blogs.

    Secondly, You can get your adsense by registering to this site and preferably after becoming a Gold member than a Silver member.


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