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    Why cash credits is disabled ?

    Hi IRC'ians,

    Can anybody tell me the reason why Cash credits is disabled?I joined this for cash credits only.
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    Tony announced in the Forum that cash credits was disabled as he wishes to concentrate on the sister site ISC. However, whatever we have earned till today will be paid to us after 1st May (after 15th May if the earnings is less than Rs.250/-). Since the revenue generated from IRC is very less the Webmaster does not have enough left over to give cash credits. However, I think the cash credits will at some time in the future be revived once IRC gets more traffic and starts doing well. Now the only source of our earnings here is through the Google AdSense program, for which you need to become a Gold level member.
    You can also join ISC.


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    Hi Shuby,

    You already have 238 points. If you can add a little more you can become a gold member. You can associate your adsense account here at IRC.
    If you can keep posting for sometime and increase the revenue for IRC our admin might change his mind and start paying like before.

    Once in a while at least (if you do not want to spend more time here without pay) you can spend some time adding products and writing reviews and resources like some of us here. We are not ready to give up.
    The traffic rank is increasing and we should improve in the revenue side soon. At least we hope so. If you like you can join us and work for the improvement of the channel and you will be paid for your loyalty later. Now you have to work here for points like we all do without remuneration.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Thank you very much for supporting me.

    As you said "admin might change his mind and start paying like before" is that possible.Now I am a gold member and I am little disappointed to be a gold member and sad too:(

    But I will give my best.

    Cause I know when I give my best best will come back to me.

    Thanks again Vk.

    Keep smiling
    SHuby Arora

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    Mrs latha jayaprakash good evening, Thank you.I appreciate your words and keep in my mind.

    You gave my answer in a very easy way thanks for that.Hope for the best.

    Keep smiling
    SHuby Arora

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