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    New feature - Temporary suspension from IRC

    Dear all,
    In spite of repeated announcements and warnings we find many members copying resources and reviews from other websites.

    In order to prevent the increasing spam and violation of policies, we are introducing some features in IRC. From now on, webmasters are allowed to suspend members for repeated violation of policies or spamming.

    The suspension will be for a fixed number of days, depending on the nature of the violation. The purpose of this program are:

    1. Prevent spam and keep IRC as a clean site.
    2. Give an opportunity for the member to understand his mistakes and correct.

    The suspension will be done after warning the member 1 or more times, depending on the nature of the violation. If the member do not respond to the warning or if the member continue the violation after warnings, editors can contact webmaster and request suspension of the member for few number of days.

    Each suspension will be added to the profile of the member as a 'Note' and will stay there for the life of the member in IRC.

    In case of deliberate spam like inviting members for non ethical relations, mass business marketing etc, members may be suspended without warning.

    If a member is suspended for few days, he/she cannot login to IRC until the days of suspension are over.
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    Hi Rajmi Arun,

    It is good to prevent spamming in IRC as like in ISC which has implemented recently. But in my openion our IRC members are not so crazy like ISC members in spamming the site.

    How ever it is good to prevent such things.

    RK - Some thing special

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    It is happenning especially in resources and reviews in spite of repeated announcements and warnings. I want to stop that. Only then our traffic rank will increase.


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    Hi all,

    I have also seen this type of spamming. May be not as crazy as it is in ISC but in a different way here. Lots of copied and pasted articles and reviews submitted in spite of so many warnings given by us.

    There is no other way except this to teach them a lesson. Not only they will get suspended, their copied reviews and resources / links will be deleted. May be some of the good ones will also go with that. So be careful when posting copied material.

    We are trying our best to get the site up and moving, so some harsh steps have to be taken, as decided by our Admin and webmaster.

    Keep posting good material. We have always said you can refer but summarize that in your own words and do not write word by word from the original article and submit here.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Realy a good policy.

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    Hi All,

    Yes this is a good things to prevent spamming in IRC but the other things its a good things that you sharing your knowledge with IRC. But the other things the you may have seen about the product some other site giving good news and bad news about the product. So I feel you should careful while what you writing or what you copying from other site. Sometime that will help other users to know more about that product.


    With Regards,
    Any -Always with IRC

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    Hi Any,
    We don't approve copied reviews. Reviews that are written in own words are only approved and if it is found that the member is copying he/she will be suspended. But before doing so, we will give a chance to the member to correct themselves.


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    Hello senior members,
    I don't think that any active member here will try to do spamming and violate the policy.
    I have always seen only the top senior members contributing in IRC so there can be a rare case of copying.

    It's a good step to make irc better.

    Atul Barapatre.

    Atul Barapatre

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    Hi RajmiArun ji,

    This is very good idea for stops spaming and copying.

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    This is a good idea to restrain those members who violate the fair practice code of IRC to earn cheap points in an unethical fasion. In other way, this move will definitely increase the efficiency level of IRC members. I would like to suggest to deduct some points also from the total points earned by such members, alongwith the suspension .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Dilip Kumar Misra

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    @ Atul,
    You are wrong, there are lots of members who are very active in IRC. There was a temporary slag, because, we have stopped product posting. But as it is started again, I am sure, there will be lot of good contributions coming in again.

    Of course, product posting can be done only after taking permissions.


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    @ Dilip Kumar Misra,
    We are looking on that aspect too. Once we get good contributions and lots of traffic, we will implement too.


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