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    Do you think isc is giving more revenue in adsense than irc?

    I am getting more revenue from ISC than IRC. How can I improve IRC content to get more revenue from IRC?
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    Hi AVI,

    It is true that ISC revenue through Adsense is more than IRC, it is just because the page impressions of ISC are more than IRC. IRC is comparitively a new site and going to be established its page views. AS page views are more to ISC, so impressions are more and clicks are more, so revenue is also more.

    Once IRC also reached to the top 200 sites rank in India, IRC page impressions also will increase, so revenue will boost up. But we have to buildup the contents by that time so that we can enjoy these fruits too.

    The IRC adds are products based so the pre click rate of these adds will be more than ISC adds. So we can have very good income in IRC in near future. So let us work together.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Yes Avi, What RK says is true.

    I have proved it to one and all that you can get good adsense revenue from IRC as well.

    You have to have some patience for that. without looking at what you get from IRC at present do what you can.

    It is like what is said in Bhagavad Gita, you do your duty, do not expect anything and the results will come by itself when you least expect it.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    It is fine with me also. But can you suggest which are sections in IRC which are likely to give more revenue like in ISC it is resources. I have page views for IRC but not getting clicks.
    Life Is Beautiful

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    The number of page views that one gets is for the reviews. If you can write good quality reviews, for all the products listed then I am sure you can get more of page views and more adsense revenue too. Actually the ads in IRC are costlier. So if you get clicks you will definitely get more adsense. So try to improve your contribution in IRC as much as possible.

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    Avi, I am definitely benefitting from IRC Google Ads. Of course, it is not on as big a scale as at ISC, since I contribute a good deal there, but nevertheless on some days I find that my posts here get better revenue than at ISC. For example, my resources here got me more than 60cents yesterday than from ISC posts! So I suggest you post more here; even if the products is disabled, you can post reviews - I am getting good Google Impressions there too - and post in the resources section too.


    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    I have had 2.97 $ in one single click from adsense at India Review Channel.

    Mainly that is the reason I got to 100$ easily. Get into Food and stay categories. Write good quality reviews there.

    You don't have to visit all the restaurants, you can find out from your friends and relatives and write.

    Not all can visit all the restaurants and resorts. But that is the category which is getting me a lot of adsense revenue.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Thanks for information.
    Finally yesterday i got something from IRC also. I am happy now.


    Life Is Beautiful

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    Its Great I Like both IRS and ISC ..

    Both are equally good..
    Thanks for your work..


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