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    How long it will take to earn $100?

    Friends Tell me how long It will take to reachy $100

    Share Your experience and methods to earn
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    Hi Santhosh Kumar,

    For me it took only 3 months 10 days to reach 100 dallar mark. I did lots of postings both in ISC and IRC. Comparitively I did more work in ISC so my earnigs are more from ISC.

    Create Channels and follow the earnings track and work more on the successful channels.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Hi,Santhosh, first of all you need to reach the Gold level to open an account for the revenue sharing program with Google. Also, you should reach this level as an active contributor by posting reviews and resources and not just by posting in the forum and giving poll votes.

    Some members reach the $100 within 2-3 months, others, like me, have not reached there yet even after 8-9 months. So it all depends on your contributions.


    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    Hi Santosh,

    Have you associated your adsense account at IRC and ISC? Only if you are creating new accounts you have to wait till you are a Gold member, I think. I am not sure, Rajmi would be knowing better.

    I took sometime more because I was just concentrating in IRC when IRC was just new. Adsense was not paying much then. My spurt started only this year and I have finished my first 100$ by the end of April, just within 4 months.

    You can, if you add quality resources, reviews, give links by answering queries at Yahoo, ammas, ibibo etc. Improve your page content, you will get more adsense revenue from here than at ISC, because the ads are costly here.

    Just go around and do what all you can. Do not look at your adsense, it will start moving up soon all by itself, as your viewers increase.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    two nights ago and we discussed what we would do with the first $100 advertising revenue from Google AdSense, I ponder for a moment and asked him where he would like me to take him out for celebration -- a dinner or something. And he immediately asked me when I would make it to $2000. And I was so embarrassed to tell him that in the current rate of how my blog pages are going, that would only happen in 20 years. And he is so cute in following up with me that he thinks $100 is a lot of money and we should celebrate it wholeheartedly for the $0.01 sum of money accumulated from the $$$ empire behind AdSense.

    And my younger son is just as cute. He keeps non-stop saying 'Oooooh Man' with me and he probably picks it up from me every time I login to my AdSense account. * You try, but there is just nothing happening.

    * You read in the forums that some people are making 10000$ per month from Adsense.

    * You dream to make as much one day, but just can't seem to get there fast enough?

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    I've finally reached the $100 mark with Adsense at the end of December. Its taken about 9 months to reach that point. A lot of nothing days, and some small earning days, but its made me determined to play around further and aim for a higher goal this year - perhaps $100/month.

    I know, its not a lot of money in the scheme of things and there are a lot bigger Adsense earners out there...BUT, it still feels good. This money can go towards domains registrations, renewals etc.

    Now just waiting on the cheque to arrive, i will post a photo of the cheque when it comes.

    How much do you earn from Adsense, and when did you receive your first cheque?


    ** Update **
    Cheque arrived last week in the mail. I've posted a scan of the cheque below.

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