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    My nokia 6300 was stolen. how to block the phone?

    My Nokia 6300 was stolen at New Delhi rly stn. The thief called me on my landline residence no. & told me not to block the phone. He dropped the sim in my letter-box. I want to block the phone. Nokia doesn't have this facility in India. But they have taken my IEMI no. I lodged the FIR. What next?
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    Well sad to hear about your stolen mobile. Its really interesting that the thief called you back at your residence and returned your sim card. Have to believe his guts. Its understandable that he might have got your phone number to call you up and he might have called up from your mobile itself but what i do not understand is that how did he get your residence address to drop your sim in your letter box.

    Its true that blocking facility is not available in india. But since the FIR has been filed, if police somewhere recovers stolen phones they may be able to return you the phone by checking your IEMI no. These days there are a number of gangs operating who are into this mobile phone stealing business. And sometimes we do get to hear that police cracks down some gangs and recover lots of stolen phones. So if you are lucky enough then may be this can happen to you. But since this rarely happens here, so its better to forget it. Even i had my mobile phone pick pocketed in bus some years back and had tried my might to do everything but in vain, could do nothing about it. So had to forget it and get myself a new mobile phone. I have been extra cautious since then.

    You can check out this thread in our forum with another lost case of mobile phone which Vivek Mahtre lost recently:

    But no doubt your case is a pretty interesting one. Since, you have already done whatever was in your hand its now better to overcome it.


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    Thanks Sourav for the concern shown.
    As I said he rang up on my residence landline from my cell & spoke to me. He took my address to deliver the cell. Anyway thanks again.

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    Well you are lucky, in my case the person who took my phone was not so honest.

    Anyway congratulations on getting your phone back.

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    Thanks Vivek..But didn't get my phone back...its just the SIM.

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    Hi,Rajendra, do read my IRC Resource on Mobile Safety:


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    I had lost my N 73 at Dadar railway station(Mumbai). I did enough work to search for it. May be this will help you. Please go through the following post-

    Police was not ready to register FIR.Let me know how you convince them for it.


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    Few tips for you Avi...
    1. Police will register ur complaint only if its stolen in their juridiction.
    2. Tell in short & be sweet.Be not loose ur head.
    2. Don't ever try to bribe them.
    3. Go there with plenty of time in ur hand.
    4. If u feel they are not listening go to higher-ups.
    5. Do not boast.
    6. If all this doen,t work...just go for a comic movie & forget everything.

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    Hey Avi and Rajendra read my post:

    It is very detailed and contains pictures too.

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I forgot it now.My job is at different place and its impossible to go there many times.

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    Hi Vivek,

    So after complaint did you get your mobile still or not?

    After reading your post i am thinking about complaint.Where do you stay? May be you can help me ?


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    No I didn,t get it...Quite busy with the schedule...
    I'm in Dehradun...and u?

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    Actually the question was for Vivek. I thought you are in mumbai so asked.Its ok.Since Vivek had FIR registration experience i was curious did he get his mobile or not?
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    if you want to block your stolen mobile, consider the followings:

    1. You have to report this immediately to the police for blotter - so you will not be held reliable in case your mobile and number (including credit) is used for crime.

    2. You have to report this to your network provider. And you will need not only your mobile number but as well your mobile's IMEI. For simply reason, if you will only report your mobile number, your sim card will be blocked and definitely can no longer be used but your mobile can still be used by replacing another sim card. With “IMEI", the network provider can block not only your mobile number but including your mobile itself – meaning, your mobile will be useless regardless of whether the phone's sim is changed.…

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    Hi Nikhil,

    Since its been long time now. My sim was Airtel and i have same number now. I complaint regarding mobile lost in Dadar railway police station but they did not register FIR. Meanwhile i inquired next month again with submitting my original bill but they said they will inform me once they got it.

    I searched a lot that any way i can block my phone but it was waste.

    Could you explain how any one can block mobile by network provider. As per my knowledge there is no way to block any cell except we can track using software when thieves will replace sim card.

    Please reply.


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