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    Increase points for adding questions (starting threads).

    Many times I have started threads with very detailed questions yet I get only one point for it. A detailed question / discussion too deserves more than 1 point.

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    So, finally now your wish has been accepted. Congrats!!!
    You scored a perfect 10 for the points discrepency thread.
    And, finally rules were amended and now there can me more points for useful threads. Thanks for your initiation to bring about this nice change. Its just the first step towards increasing productivity along with quality in the contributions of members of this site. Lets all join hands togather to make this a better and interesting workplace. And improve the contents of the site to make it one of the best :)


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    It is good news to hear that the points for the detailed questions / threads creators will also be increased. It is a positive move to increase points for the threads creators with details.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Jana your earned 4 points for nothing! Why is that???

    just joking!

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    Hey Vivek,
    Ha ha. All thanks to you. Because you started the thread.
    It was the same case there in the points decrepency thread. I scored a lot of points there just because you started it. And that is why you got the extra points as a nice thread starter. Thanks for that.
    But dont forget the thread gets better and gains importance only when various members responds appropriately. And that finally leads to a healthy discussion and as you can see, finally a good result.
    I don't always think that all the credit goes to the thread starter only. Dont you think that some credit goes to the members too who take it up to respond properly and appropriately. And so the points they get is what they deserve. Its simple as that, would the thread's rating be better if members did not actively participate?


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    You are right Sourav, and as the result of that thread was something of great use and something which made us think of why it could have happenned, (many came with so many reasons), I felt, Vivek should be given a good round of applause, if not for him, even the editors would not have taken a look into it.

    Thanks again Vivek for brining it to our notice.


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