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    Nokia n98, is it better than iphone?

    Its has been proved that iPhone success does not allow other mobile phone produceres to survive in peace. Nokia is among them.

    According to Nokia France, in the nearest future the "iPhone killers" line will be enriched with one new model from the famous Finnish company - Nokia N98. Regardless of the loud Nokia announcements that iPhone cannot be the rival of the N series smartphones, the company is in the process of preparing a reasonable answer to the "apple" bestseller. As it can be clearly seen by its design N98 resembles very much with the iPhone, but according to many technical features new smartphone from Nokia is even better than its rival.
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    Nokia N98 is still in its concept stages. It's news has been making making rounds on Internet circles for some time though. But its features viz 5x Optical Zoom, new Symbian OS, Carl Zeiss optics, 7.2 MP Camera are yet to be confirmed.

    If the above is true and it has all the features of its predecessor (Nokia N97) than it is definitely better than iPhone.

    The Nokia N97 which has been released recently and can be booked online is far better than iPhone in terms of features:

    Iphone: 262144 colours, Nokia N97: 16 million colours

    IPhone: 2 - 3 MP (Variant), Nokia N97: 5MP with Carl Zeiss optics.

    Memory Card Slot:
    Iphone: NO, Nokia N97: Yes

    FM Radio:
    Iphone: NO, Nokia N97: Yes

    Text Messaging features:
    Nokia N97 is better. The orignal Iphone simply didn't have a simple "send to many" option, though software updates have corrected this glitch. Still in general Nokia N97 is better.

    Flash or Java Support:
    Iphone: NO, Nokia N97: Yes

    Iphone: Rs 31000/- to Rs. 36000 (variants), Nokia N97: 36000 Rs (approx, kindly check)

    Storage Capacity:
    Iphone: 4 GB to 32 GB (variants), Nokia N97: 32 Onbard + expandable via memory slot.

    Music playback:
    IPhone: Apple with its long history with Ipod's is bound to have a better music playback than Nokia N97.

    Iphone: No Native support for transferring pictures, videos etc over bluetooth. 3rd party software solutions exist though.
    Nokia: N97: No problems.

    Even Nokia N96 (RS: 38000/- approx) and Nokia N95 (Rs: 28000/-) have these features.

    The good points of the Iphone are its fun and responsive touchscreen (N97 has it, N95 AND N96 don't) and its built in accelerometer and proximity and light sensor which are fun to use, but will probably not be used much in practical life unless you play games based on these.

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    Just an addendum to the above.

    The signal reception quality and also the battery life of Nokia phones is far better than that of the IPhone.

    Having said this and all the above, there cannot be a better and more responsive touchscreen than the IPhone. You have to feel it to believe it.

    The menu layout and the entire feel of the IPhone is far better than N95 and N96 or even N97. The Iphone has just one button on the front and that is all it needs.

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    Don't trust such sites. It would be better for you to wait for an official confirmation from Nokia instead. As the saying goes, better late than never.

    You seem to be very interested in buying these high end phones. So here is something extra for you.

    Palm Pre: Considered by many to be an IPhone Killer (not available yet)

    Touchscreen : 320 x 480 pixels.
    Rounded Appearance with full keyboard.
    16 million colors display
    3.15 MP camera

    All the standard features that you would expect from a phone in this range are also present in it.

    Sony Ericsson Idou (not available yet)


    An extremely large 12 MP camera (Nokia N97 has only 5 MP camera)
    Xenon flash for better quality pictures.
    Video LED for Night time shooting
    Digital Image stabilization, Face detection too is included

    Touchscreen sized at 360 x 640 pixels
    16 M colours

    All the standard features that you would expect from a phone in this range are also present in it.

    However its only after they are released will we be able to get a clearer picture.

    In the meantime you can book the N97, or if you want to be patient, wait a little longer until we get some news about these phones.

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