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    How about adding a new feature to the polls (see the thread for details)

    How about adding a discussion feature to the polls just like we have for forums. The polls usually do not have enough options or may options are crammed into one option.

    A discussion would also provide a good understanding of the question asked.
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    Hi Vivek,

    I believe you talking about add another columns like your option or your views belongs to that poll or vote.

    Its a good idea if we can add our views why we choose this answer. Also you can add about other things like, who will IPS? So we can say ya some special tallented people or player got that team, so it may chance to with that team.

    So go ahead with post, so web master will consider for more option in the near furture.

    With regards,
    any -always ith IRC

    With Regards,
    Any -Always with IRC

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    Hi Vivek Ram Mhatre,

    I couldn't understand your question. However the polls are designed to select the best appropriate option from the available options only. If you want openion in detail you can post the same thing in the Forums.

    Why to mix polls and Forums? Both have their own procedures and advantages. Any how we will receive a detailed answer on this matter from the webmasters soon.

    RK - Some thing special

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    The polls can be made more informative by analysing the results after a specific time period. it is also not logical to extend the viability of the poll beyond a certain date. The poll on who will win IPL is still open, i think. Also, weightage to polls should be given based on the issues on which they focus upon and an additional option like whether it is assessing the popularity of a product, social or health issues, needs to be added to the poll, so that the context of the poll is clear. Also, there will always be a bias against rating commercial products based on polls as it depends mainly on what each person sees as important in that product.

    Instead of a general poll question like "which laptop is the fastest to use", the question can be "what is the central hardware component that determines laptop processing speed". This would make the question that much more informative, especially for students using the site, who can learn something instead of clicking on options based on companies like LG, Acer, Samsung etc., by which they are only endorsing their preference for the particular product.

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