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    Why is a member allowed to create just one poll per day?

    Look at the title.
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    Its interesting to note that the life of the polls are limited and also only one poll is allowed to submitted in 24 hours. I don't know the exact reason for this, but shall try and give you the most probable reason that i think may be true. Webmasters should be able to give you what the exact cause is.

    What i feel is that if one is not put on limit then they will simply keep submitting polls as its one of the most simple way of earning point and it does not require thinkin nor any work. Just to earn points people will keep submitting useless, irrelevent and unwanted polls. So that is one of the technique to restrict unwanted benefits to members. Just think, 5 points for a poll submission and 5 for a big review. What do you think people will try to do for scoring if they allow to submit more than one polls everyday. Its a human tendency to take the shortest path. So may be this is to stop members from doing that. Similarly the no. of votes is limited to 50 per month.
    Lets see what the webmasters reply. Hopefully some of my points may match with them.


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    There shouldn't be any restrictions for members above the gold/diamond level as hey have already proved that they are contributing to the site in a good way.

    But I think you have hit the nail on the head Sourav.

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    Hi Vivek Ram Mhatre,

    As rightly said by Mr Sourav Jana, webmasters prevented members to earn points on the easy way. Remember that members cannot earn adsense revenue on polls too. It is just a time pass. Restriction on poll votes is also the same. But my observation, our members are not creating sufficient polls yet. If any members joins her hardly finds the 50 polls active for getting points. So active members should create polls regularly.

    RK - Some thing special

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    Infact even voting in polls is restricted. Yes, Sourav is right and as you said Vivek, he have hit the nail in the head. Though in the near future, we might again start cash credits, or we might start some gifts for winners, active members etc, still, active participation in the website should be into writing reviews and not simply into polls or voting polls.

    The main traffic we could generate is through almost all the sections, and polls also generate traffic. Assume there are almost 5000 members in IRC and almost 50 are active every other day and each 50 of us create a poll every day, with apt key words, that will bring in more traffic. One poll a day by atleast 10 members with right key words I am sure, that will help a bit to increase traffic via polls. More over, we have to ensure the spreading word about IRC.

    I have always been telling there are q and a websites other than yahoo. Websites like ammas, rediff q and a, ibibo, mylot all will help us bring in traffic. I am sure there are lot us who use all these websites also regularly. But choose the right question and link your answer to the right IRC page, and submit your answer URL in IRC and get points. I am sure, if you visit one of the above website every day and post your answer and give us the link, it is sure to generate good amount of traffic.

    In links section, I am not seeing any one writing blogs or knols post. If you dont have a blog page, try to create a knol page atleast. Knol posts also have ads and they could also be linked to your adsense, and you could have a good amount of adsense generated from it.

    Hence forth I think, I could see lots of postings in all the sections and come on friends we are still in the 65673 rank in Alexa and let us ensure we go below 50,000 ASAP.


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