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    Some one please tell me about affiliate marketing

    i want to make a more money with affiliate marketing which is the best one. And how to, make money with them. Please tell me
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    Hi, boss
    I personally do not know of any affiliate marketing sites. What I do know is that I am earning well through Google AdSense through this site and through India Study Channel, of which IRC is the sister site.

    While there are presently no cash credits at this site for reviews, there are plenty of ways to earn at ISC. At both sites, you can reach the Gold level and start earning through the Google Adsense revenue sharing program.

    Despite there being no cash credits here, I suggest you post reviews and articles in the Resource section, as the Google Ads here are more expensive. Consequently, your earnings in $$$ will jump when you contribute to this site.


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    Thanks for that information vk. Even i am waiting for my adsense account to be approved so that i can start earning too. I think i will have to built up more content before they approve my adsense account. As they last time rejected my application for approval saying the site was not six months old.

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    Hi Boss,

    Affiliate Marketing is one which is boosting now a days due to increase in the internet users, buyers. There are lots of affiliate marketing companies providing opportunity for the publishers to promote their cliets sites, products and business. There are three types of income generation will be there. 1. PPC (Pay per Click), 2. PPL (Pay per Lead) and 3. Pay per sale (In general percentage of Sales).

    Out of these Google is also one of the worlds topmost affiliate company provides PPC adds for their publishers. Most of the beginners will earn through this only. You need your own web site or blog or share your account with the sites who provides sharing opportunities.

    India Study Channel and India Review Channel both are very good and reliable sites where we can earn our adsense without owning our own site. We all are earning like this only. ISC is giving very good revenue for me and IRC too adding my daily revenue.

    For more details and help, join in the community at ISC & IRC where members share their knowledge and experiences on various sites.

    RK - Some thing special

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    I also needed these information regarding the affilitate programs for marketing.
    Thanks a lot my friend.

    Atul Barapatre

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    A new site has been started by the ISC. It is the another product of them to make money online. It is the same program. If you want to make money then quickly registered yourself because it's a new website.
    Please go to this URL and join to make money. It's a really very good program to make money and share your knowledge with other peoples.

    URL :

    With Best Regards,
    Azay Patel

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    hard labour will earn money

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    you can earn money in any right way but mind it you have to keep something in mind.
    1. how much time you give to that job.
    2. how much pay you for your labour.
    3. are you comfortable with this job.

    if all these poins are holding good according for your expectation then you can go for this job lest you leave that job.

    and its all about your expectation about the job now the question arise from where ??
    their are lots of platform for this job.
    but the best is INDIA STUDY CHANNEL or INDIA REVIEW CHANNEL, both are good website and you are not begging in front of someone for your job it provide you income for your labour, and thats we all want in our life.

    With Regards
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