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    Which is the best wireless usb modem net connection?

    Dear all,

    I am in need of a USB modem net connection and my requirements are just for browsing for 2-3 hours/day, checking mails and opening of online PDF documents. Can anybody tell me which among TATA indicom, Reliance and BSNL is good. I would also like to know what is the kbps speed required for my usage. I am in chennai and if some users are from there, can you tell me whether the signal strength is good all over the city. Your comments would be of help to me.

    V. Nikkam
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    Hi V. Nikkam,

    I am giving below all the possibility to explain to choose your choice.


    BSNL service will be given through Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) based IP Infrastructure, which is cover all cities and most of interior place as well. Technically speaking layer 1 of the network will consist of a high speed Backbone comprising of 24 powerful core routers connected with high speed 2.5 Gbit/s(STM-16) links.

    The Broadband Service is available throughout India, in all cities, towns and even in main villages
    The tariff are given below for your choice.

    Home Flexi 350 Rs. 350 and the Broadband speed 256kbps and download per month 1.8 GB

    Home UL 750 Rs. 750 the Broadband speed 256 kbps and Unlimited download per month

    Home UL 750 Plus Rs. 750 256 kbps and Unlimited download per month

    Home UL 1350 Rs. 1350/- 256 kbps and Unlimited download per month

    Home UL 1350 Plus Rs. 1350/- 512 Kbps and Unlimited download per month


    BroadNet you can choose your own speed, how fast you want to surf. Simply put, you can control your speeds and spends. When you connect, you get the option to choose speeds ranging from 100 kbps to 1,000 kbps (1 Mbps). If you just want to check your e-mail or chat, you can switch to a lower speed and pay less. But if you want to download video or music, you can switch to higher speeds to save time and get a unique Internet experience.

    Also you got another option for Per-minute charges

    With it, how much you use, you can pay.

    Also there are different packages they have, you can have look their website.

    The cheapest Infinity 400 PLUS upload speed 400 Kbps Unlimited months usage Monthly Charges (Rs.) 1,250

    Tata Indicom Broadband: I have no idea about they have service for post paid or not. They have pre-paid card.

    I can give you there prices for Super Quick 225: 256 kbps / 4 mps for 3 month 5130 and the monthly cost around 1710/- and the total hours of data transfer 225 hours.

    And if you looking for 6 month card its call Super quick 450: 256 kbps / 4 mps for 6 month 9720 and the monthly cost around 1620/- and the total hours of data transfer 450hours.

    The other one for 12 months its called Super quick 900: 256 kbps / 4 mps for 12 month 18360 and the monthly cost around 1530/- and the total hours of data transfer 900hours.

    I hope this will help you to decide something for the future.

    Best of luck

    With regards

    With Regards,
    Any -Always with IRC

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    I think BSNL Evdo will be fine. Its easy to avail and is cheaper and have relaxed terms in comparision with indicom and reliance. The speeds is good enough for surfing and downloading through direct links. Though it says upto 2mbps, i have got a max surfing speeds of 1115kbps at times. And download speeds of upto 65Kbps. Thats good enough for me. Some of the main and irritating problems that i faced was the connection is not constant and some times it will not give any download speeds. Also its very much tower and signal dependent. More over you dont get a static ip adress and only have a public ip address. This is a problem when at times you wish to download form sites like rapid share and all. Since you just want to view some pdfs you will be happy with it.

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    You can know more about this by visiting the nearest bsnl customer care. You can get the evdo connection on the same day. You will need to fill up a form along with your photo and provide them with a residential address proof. And pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 1000/-.
    There are two options either you can purchase the evdo usb modem equipment for Rs. 3000/- (approx.) and then you have to pay a monthly bill of 550/- (approx.) or pay a monthly rental of Rs. 200/- for the equipment along with the bill if you don't want to pay for purchasing the usb modem. The downloads limit is unlimited. And speeds are good. Also if slower access speeds are fine with you then you can try NIC cards which provides 144kbps and is cheaper for bills approx 250./- per month for unlimited download package. You can just go down to a bsnl office for exact details.


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    Be it nurseries, schools, colleges, offices, home or whatever, internet is required everywhere. We have become so habituated to it that we can't really do without it even for a day. I'm totally net savvy and love surfing the net. I download various songs, videos, upload pics etc besides doing my work of course.

    All this though used to take up a lot of my time. And it was mainly due to slow net connection. Therefore, I've started to use the latest ‘Reliance net connect broadband plus'. It's working pretty fine for me. The speed connectivity is amazing and I'm simply in love with it. It's hard to believe that everything gets done so fast and swiftly.

    My work also can be done from anywhere now. It has high accessibility, available in 35 major cities. It's turned out to be really convenient for me and I have no hassles using this product. It's great and useful.

    Reliance Netconnect
    Speed of ISP connection: 8/10
    Connection Reliability: 9/10
    Service & Support: 8/10

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    Reliance usb internet connection is the fastest usb net connection available in the country now. But you have to pay a huge amount for unlimitted usage for a 3Mbps net plan. For BSNL I think there are some limitations like you can use that device only in selected areas. Then Idea netsetter is one of the better options they provide unlimited browsing and downloading for just Rs.600 also you can use it anywhere in India without any additional charges.
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