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    Opinion needed

    What do you think of re-starting product submission with limitations per day?

    We would like to have your honest opinion in this.

    Also we would like to know whether more categories be added in IRC and if yes what are they?
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    Hi Rajmi Arun,

    It is good idea Rajmi Arun. Let us start the product submission as the new brands of Cars, Bikes and mobiles have come to the market which are being searched by the consumers most. Hence start the product submission and fix the limitation of 5 to 10 products per day.

    Other categories which can be started in IRC are...

    1. Second hand Product selling classifieds.

    2. Question and Answers on products.

    3. Service Centers details of various products.

    4. On line help of Products services etc.,

    RK - Some thing special

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    Hi RK,
    The third point in your other categories, there is a subcategory in business. Each and every category, Mobile Showrooms, Computer Showrooms have a sub category named service centres. If you want to add a few more for few other categories, then we can add it.

    I am 100% sure that the business category of IRC is not used to its fullest potential.

    I kindly request all the members to add all the business units in their area or in those places which they know.


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    Yes, you should restart product submissions with a limit. You could further introduce a high point system for members who give a certain number of reviews in a week; that is, award members giving lots of reviews every week with more points.

    With regard to the business/services category, I think you should introduce a category for travel booking firms/agencies [not online sites like, but local centres].


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    Will do that Vk. Will add travel category in business. Yes we are considering of giving more points for people who give more number of reviews. An announcement will be made soon in that regard.

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    Hi RajmiArun,

    It is a very good idea to restart product submission with limit. I also want to add entertainment category for which product submission must start. This category contains movies and music details reviews.

    People generally search about movies mostly reviews of other people before buying any DVD and watching movies. They don't want to waste their money on some crap movie or Music. If this category is updated with regular details it could generate traffic to IRC.

    I am also agreeing with VK's suggestions that there must be more points for people who give more number of reviews. Because get advised by our reviews and more reviews will help customer to compare products efficiently.


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    We have plans for all these VK and NK. All these will be implemented slowly once the product submission is started.

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