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    Branded and Non-Branded Products

    Is there any much difference and advantage in buying genuine and branded product as compared to non-branded products in the market?
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    Hi Hafeezur Rahman P,

    I like to buy branded products than non-branded ones, especially the products are consumer durables type. Branded products have certain guarantee over non-branded ones.

    The price will be more for the branded products, but still they have some esthetic value.

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    Hi Hafeezur Rahman P,

    I think Branded or Non-braded product does make sense but everything depends upon the value for money.

    You must go for branded in Consumer durables because you want long life and also support from company for life of product! But I case of apparels and other related material I think you can choose both, whichever provides you value for the money.

    If you buy Branded apparels you can keep them for long years but Non-braded you can buy sometime 3 items of non- Branded in cost of a Branded product and also get choice. You can also remove it from your collection easily as cost involve is less compare to branded one.


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    According to me you should buy branded clothes, laptops, mobiles, TV's, refrigerators, automobiles, PC components, air conditioners, gaming devices, UPS'es, Inverters etc since buying from a not so recognized brand makes no sense in these products and besides you won't find unbranded ones in some of these categories either. For example nobody buys unbranded laptops or automobiles.


    The following could be brought unbranded (read Chinese) or from unpopular brands but ideally should not be bought that way:

    Mobile phones, radio's, electronic spare parts (transistors or IC's), small TV's (the portable variant), MP3 players, MP4 players, SD memory cards, mobile accessories, headphones, etc to name a few.
    However most consumer durables can be bought that way.


    The following however are usually found to be unbranded but yet they are popularly used.

    USB Card readers, SD cards, bluetooth dongles or radios, pocket radio's and TV's, other electronic accessories, toys, etc or any other consumer goods like clothes, shoes, utensils etc.


    In the end my verdict is that when you go to buy certain type of goods as mentioned above buy only the branded ones.

    However if you know you won't be using a certain product for long and you want it cheap go for the unbranded ones. An example of such a product is the T shirts that I buy for use during Holi. They cost about Rs. 20 - 30 and once used for a while, can only be used as mopping cloth.

    I have the following unbranded things at home:
    Card reader (lasted for 3 yrs), Electric mosquito racket (1 yr), A made in China computer mouse (5 yrs) incidentally my new Logitech mouse lasted for 2 yrs.


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    Hi All,

    Great to hear all the above reason and experience from you...Thanks to all for reply and sharing the knowledge...Regards.

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    Going for a branded or unbranded product should depend on your knowledge about the product which you are going to buy.
    If you can identify the good from the bad you dont need a brand name to differentiate .

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    It is better to buy a branded product in my opinion. The brand name of a product become popular if that product have some qualities other than the products of the competitors. Also a popular brand name indicates that they have more customers than the non-branded company.
    Also we can expect more service and support for the product we bought from a branded company.

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    branded is good then non branded in some cases but in some cases its forming very bad impression on customers.


    in many areas such as clothes branded is always better, purse ,shoes,belt etc etc are always prefered to buy branded. for better output


    in areas such as gold and silver we should not go for branded products nad prefer the local jerlers for this because its less costly and worthy too

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