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    What is the advantage and disadvantages of Laptop?
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    There are many advantages to use the laptops like:
    -you can carry your laptop anywhere with you so it can be used anytime.
    - you can work from anywhere
    - you can surfing comfortably from laptops,etc...
    -you can put it oat safe place to protect from small child
    -laptop also take up less space, and can look neater than a desktop pc.

    Disadvantages of laptops are very few....
    -if you go for a picnic and you r laptop's battery goes down show you can't charge it.
    -it has a smaller disk storage than a desktop.
    -it lasts for only 2 to3 years if it is a good make and is used under average treatment.
    -laptops are generally more fragile than desktops.

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    Thank you Ajay for sharing such a nice and detail information on Laptop, regards...

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    I don't think there are some kinds of disadvantages laptop or desk top provides. People buy both these things according to there use. However there are some advantage and disadvantages which people consider before buying these laptop and desktop.


    1) Mobility: - Most important advantage of laptop is mobility and you can take it wherever you go.
    2) Space advantage: - Desktop requires a fixed space and moving it is not easy but for Laptop you can use your lap.
    3) Internet anywhere: - Surely if you can take laptop anywhere as you can take a net card with you also and remain connected wherever you want.


    1) High Cost: - generally cost of laptop is high compare to Desktop.
    2) Fewer resources: - You get fewer resources in high prices compare to desktop.
    3) Power constraint: - Battery power is a constraint too as it does not work if you want to use it for longer period.
    4) Repair cost: - Repair cost is high for Laptop compare to desktop.


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    hmm... well this a very good question to know about what are the disadvantages and advantages of a LAPTOP . lets have a look over it .
    First its DISADVANTAGES :
    * important diadvantage is that it lasts for only 2 to 3 years
    * Laptops are generally more fragile than desktops
    * life span of laptops is shorter than that of normal desktops
    * The prime disadvantage of a laptop that is creating health hazards is that it is creating worse ergonomics, as the keyboard and the screen in not in the best place for wrists and eyes.

    Now let's have a look over ADVANTAGES :
    * laptop is portable
    * Laptops also take up less space, and can look neater than a desktop PC.
    * Minimize complexity in your life by minimizing cords and connections-check out laptop technology.

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