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    Post your Ideas & Suggestions

    Dear Members,

    We are planning to make IndiaReviewChannel much interesting with various things.

    So that we're taking a survey from our members to post their ideas, thoughts & suggestions. We'll try to implement members valuable suggestions & ideas in actual at IRC.

    This is the open source to all members, please reply what you are expecting from IRC.
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    This is very good that you want to make IRC more interesting According to me there are many thing which you can add in IRC to get strong database like

    You can add new section in IRC which contains the detail for various business like Beauty Parlour, Automobile, Doctors, Mobile Shops, Shopping Malls and many more.

    You can also start a section by which people can get the answers of their question. You can also start the recipe column in which you can asked to submit the recipes.

    Thank you
    Pooja Singh

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    Hi Mahesh,

    It is a good move from IRC. As I have already given that the products classified section can be introduced where as members can sell their used products like used cars, mobiles so that interested members in their nearby cities can contact them and buy.

    Members can also give free classified adds for their products or services through IRC.

    As this is a review channel we can start reviewing the latest happenings in India.

    RK - Some thing special

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    I think cash credits system must be start again because money is the factor which motivate people to post more as in ISC.
    And as the Pooja said you can include that features and please all to post here first in various section.

    Thanks & Regards
    Pawan Bahuguna

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    Hello friends,
    I came to this website after a long time. Its really good that there's something that is going to be done to improve this website's ranking and traffic.
    I would say introduce multiple writing languages post so that other members can write any resource or review in their regional language.

    We can also have cash credit to the special ones who contribute significantly(i know the cash credits are closed/stooped, but we can provide some to members)

    we can also have better graphics , as we are taking IRC to the ISC level so we can try.

    also try to connect ISC ,IRC and DNS websites together so that we get some traffic to IRC.

    Atul Barapatre.

    Atul Barapatre

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    Here are a few suggestions:
    (1) Introduce cash credits for reviews in a few sections of IRC, such as for cell phones, laptops, and in certain categories in the Business section.
    (2) Introduce a reward program like the type at Dotnetspider. That is, members who give maximum reviews in a week/month could be awarded gift coupons,say from Landmark,Crossword,and other stores that have branches in most cities.
    (3) Introduce gift coupons awards for blog & review contests
    (4) Since this is a review site, restart the products submissions with the criteria that the member who posts it should also give a review for it. This will ensure that members do not submit products merely to get points but also help IRC to increase its Alexa ranking through reviews.
    (5)Encourage ISC & IRC members to promote IRC aggressively through their blogs.
    (6)Submit a Forum post at ISC and encourage more ISC members to join IRC. I have submitted one such post in the past,but don't think it was very successful!


    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    One more suggestion:
    In the Resources section under Articles you should introduce "Shopping". In this category, members can post self-written articles about their shopping experiences anywhere in India (maybe even abroad?). The article should not be about a shop, but about the experience of shopping - what areas to visit in a city for specific kinds of goods, what would be the ideal time to shop in a particular area, etc. In the article, links can be given to IRC pages of shops in that area.

    Let me give an example: suppose I visit Chennai and wander around the streets near Saravanna Stores, where there are vendors from end-to-end. I can describe the types of things sold by these vendors, how to reach the area, etc & give the IRC link to the Saravanna Stores. Also, if there is a major educational institute near the shopping area, I can give it as a landmark and give a link to the ISC page which gives information about that institute.

    I feel that this category will definitely increase traffic to the site and revive IRC a good deal. Visitors coming to a particular city could type "Shopping in Chennai" or "Budget Shopping in Chennai" or "Cheap bargains in Chennai" in a search engine and visit my page. The links that I give in the article will lead them to further pages in IRC, thereby ensuring they spend some time at the site. Looking around the vast information available about products & businesses, they could recommend IRC to others....thus bringing more traffic!

    If you give cash credits for such articles, you could get many more members to join & contribute.

    Let's try it out - I am feeling quite enthusiastic about seeing IRC's revival!


    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    Create an option to search for a particular topic. It will be lot easier for a new user.

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    Don't you think IRC should have a liberal policy as new members will attract only here if you will provide more opportunities. As i find here there is restriction on product submission. IRC is also not providing opportunity equals to ISC.

    I think you should further provide rating facility to members. I mean by that members can rate product either in numbers or stars. There should be further rating for manufacturer companies also. IRC also may provide here points policy here to with restriction or in any manner.

    One more thing which i expected here is "ask experts". As we know in ISC we can ask questions, IRC should also give this facility if any one want to buy new product or want information on product or any function of that.

    IRC can also provide facility to post current schemes if any on any product or brand. However there is generally time limit on such schemes so they expire soon.

    Further you can provide software submission also and reviews can be given on that.


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    Dear Ankit,
    Looks like you have not gone through the entire features of IRC. We have in the resources section, a feature named Market Place and you can add the new schemes, discount schemes etc there.

    When it comes to ask experts, yes, that is one feature IRC is in need of right now, but still, we are in the growing stage. Unlike ISC, we dont have that much members, and that much participation. The main reason, we had stopped product submission was due to a lot of spamming. Currently, that feature is available to members on request. For those who are new, we give them based on their contributions in other sections of IRC.


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    hello rajmi,

    I think i didn't explain what i exactly wanted to say. See you must provide a link "hot schemes" on IRC home page.It will definitely attract viewers of site which will mean to opening of more pages of IRC.


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    Ok, Now I understood what you really want. I will forward the same to Mr. Tony our site administrator. It is really a nice suggestion.

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    Dear Mahesh,
    I strongly recommend that there should be a section or sub link in which we can list out the shops or show rooms where one can purchase the related items.
    And in that,if search by city is included,then it will be easy for the visitors to look at the shops nearby them.

    With Regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Silver Member
    India Review Channel

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    Also I think it is required to update the website.

    #1)FAQs must be provided as guidance to freshers.

    #2)Cash credits are not there presently.So please delete the previous forum threads relating to cash credit programs.They are the main source of throwing out of members from the site.

    #3)In member level,there you have mentioned about cash credits.So please amend it.Also does IRC rewards its Diamond members with Annual Bonus?

    #4)If possible,bring in the cash credits.Cash credits will bring in more members and more members means more referrals.So more content and more page views.

    With Regards,
    Ashis Dubey
    Silver Member
    India Review Channel

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    dear mahesh,rajmi

    I think there is any problem with the site . When i posted in resources titled "videocon is relaunching" I found earlier that it is approved by editors now i am finding it is still pending.whether I made any mistake or there is any other reason.

    I also found that many links on pages of site are not working and showing errors.Is there any problem or IRC is still under construction.please tell me about that.

    Further i want to ask what is the policy with third party revenue sharing as i applied it through IRC and they denied as it didn't meet their publisher guidelines.


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