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    Isc and irc

    Hi, I am new to this site.
    I wanted to know if there was any connection betwen ISC and IRC.
    Can the same self written review be posted on both the sites.
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    Hello Suraj Nayak,

    First of all welcome to IndiaStudyChannel and IndiaReviewChannel.

    Let me give you information in brief.

    IndiaStudyChannel :- ISC is fastly growing educational website, where you can find various education related topics just like that, Question papers, Resources, Interview Questions & many items you can find.

    IndiaReviewChannel IRC is a one of the top Review center where you can find the products reviews voted by members & views opinions.

    There is no any connectivity or any subject, topics between ISC - IRC. However, ISC & IRC are sister site owned by same webmaster, Tony John.

    You can post same review in both sites, but try to change it with different sentences for better views & priority.

    Good luck!

    - Mahesh

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    Yes, Mahesh is right 100%. You cannot write the same review in both the sites. Though both the sites have business sections both are different sites. Though both are sister sites, each one is different from the other.

    So post your reviews, but ensure it is written differently, so that you dont get into copy right issues and also you get traffic and adsense. Do not copy reviews. At present we are not giving cash credits in IRC, but for the reviews of business ISC is giving cash credits.


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    India Study Channel(ISC) is a educational website where you can get information on various topics like various competitive questions, health, legal matters and many more topics. India review channel is among India's top most product review website Iam 3 weeks old in ISC and 2 days old in IRC so you can say even Iam new to these websites but I can say that both the sites rock. If you want to enhance your knowledge base on various topics and earn some pocket money you are at the right place Friend. Happy Learning and earning.

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    ISC is education and IRC is product review site.
    ISC is fully related education.
    IRC is fully related product reviews.

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    The owner of isc and irc is the same thats tony jones ( web master),
    isc is fully related to study and irc is fully related to product reviews, i know that both website can give you lots of money for any work you did on the forum, community,etc . both are one tyme of website, india study channel and india review channel , you can treat them like a sister.
    thanks for the post

    With Regards
    Proud to be an IRC Member

    Mail Me: [email protected]

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