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    How we can improve IRC

    Dear friends,
    Give your valuable points or improvements about IRC.
    What you want new changes etc.
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    Hello Vilas

    Thank you for your thread on how we can improve IRC.

    We can discuss points where IRC can be improved.

    As for now I will request you to note down all the points you find in IRC that can be or should be improved.

    We are currently working on old messages and messages which are irrelevant to IRC and Tony Sir is working on the back office of IRC.

    Your contributions will be important.

    I also request other members to mention their observations over here.


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    Hi Vilas,

    I have also come back now to India Review channel. I have not been able to post or do anything here because of my workload at ISC.

    From yesterday I had started to post again in IRC and hope we will be able to see a better ranking soon.

    You can also do what you can, add resources or write blog posts about the products mentioned in the site and give link here. That will get you points as well as adsense revenue share. That's what we need more at India Review Channel now. Go for it.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hi Dr Apurva,

    Nice to see you here.
    We can all discuss various points about how we can improve India Review channel and do what all we can.

    First we have to add resources and reviews pertaining to the products added here. If we can add more and more reviews and resources and of course, Links we can get many viewers into the site.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hello Ma'am

    Thanks for the note.

    I was in discussion with Rajmi ma'am and under her guidance and of course your advice too, We will take IRC ahead.

    Along with your contributions, I am checking out for copied contents in the Forums and looking out for what may seem like errors in the programming at the IRC site and reporting to ma'am and Tony Sir.

    To a good note, IRC rank shot up from 95, 187 to 94, 034 today.

    Hope we make good work over here.

    Thanks and Regards

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    Hearty thankful for your attention about IRC. From few days before I started to submit products with small Reviews. Maximum product I submitted about Health and beauty.

    I need one more help, Which type of products are most important?

    Know about the poll results from Global.

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    Hello Vilas

    Let me give you an example. Since you have submitted reviews about Health and Beauty products, I will give an example on the same.

    Health and Beauty products come right from a few paise to thousands of rupees.

    Now, we can understand from the above statements that products which are cheap will put up for cheaper advertisements on Google and the products which are very costly, will put up for very costly advertisements. So you can logically expect what I mean to say.

    Next comes which kind of ads are more costlier. The above explanation gives a straight answer and implies that the costlier the products in the market, higher are the chances that higher are the costs of their ads in Google.

    You can think of electronic goods like Microwave oven and Scanners and Office things and vehicles and bikes whose ads are real costly.

    Vilas, I will request you to write here the products which YOU think can be costly on the basis of above explanation.


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    Thaks for nice Guidance about products.
    Now in my minde several products like
    Computor Accesories
    Washing Machines
    Automobile: bikes & Cars

    Know about the poll results from Global.

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    Hi Vilas and others,
    Please check twice and thrice and if possible so many times, before adding a product. For if you post a product that is already in existence, your post might get deleted.

    Try to give specifications (the correct ones) and in your review, ensure you write about the all the features of the product or if you are writing a review about a business write about everything about that business.


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    I would like to see Spas in the business category.

    More and more people are using spa facilities to rewind from hectic work schedules. Many people are also giving spa packages as gifts to parents and friends for anniversaries, birthdays, etc as it is something unique. Hence I am sure that we can get good traffic to the site if we introduce this category.

    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    Hi Dear Rajmi,
    its very important to submit product. if product is already available then no sense to add. hence check before submit.

    with best regards

    Know about the poll results from Global.

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    The most important thing to improve IRC is that there should be no product submitting restriction for new members... And the bronze members should be allowed to post more than 3posts per day.


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    Hi All,
    I am very new to this site. I like the idea of making money from reviews and post. I was just wandering around the site yesterday and found some issues which I have posted in the current category in the following link:

    Also, I want to emphasize that making money should not be the sole intention of writing reviews here in this site. If the reviews are good and informative, people will always come and visit the site which will obviously increase the chance of making money.

    Also, it would be pretty helpful if we can have a separate category to submit issues with the site. I would like to ask that is there any restriction on Bronze members to create a new category (NOT new thread in an existing category) of discussion in the forum.


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