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    HCL Computers

    Post your reviews about hcl computers , are they worthy, should we go for it.
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    Hi RKD,

    HCL is one of the leading Computer manufacturer of our Country. They have very good distribution channel & service Network. As, they manufacture computers, looking to various segment but mostly popular for their Models designed for Office or Educational Institutes. Models designed for Home or Extreme users lack the quality in comparison to similar other brands available in market. Component upgrdation is a major issue in case of HCL Systems. Their cabinet is too compact to add more devices into it. Hcl systems are recommended for Bulk purchase only where one can avail service from one point.

    They are now exploring the Laptop market also but not that much popular in this segment.



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    Manas thank you for your lovely post, hcl computers have very good distribution channel & service Network but their cost are very high and as compared to assemble computers they are expensive and it has only one advantage that is their services and i must say that assemble computer dont provide these facilities.

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    Assembled Computers will always be cheap.

    For the cheap cost you have to sacrifice the following things:

    1. Warrantee/Guarantee

    2. Originality is always a big question in Assembled.

    3. Maintainance services are always required otherwise it becomes our headache and in todays' world of viruses where even the best of antivirus softwares fail in for the viruses, frequent crashing of software/hardware causes a frequent need for maintainance and replacement of parts.

    4. The cost frankly speaking does not go very high but is only moderately high. You may find a mild higher range of up to 5000 Rs.

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    hai rkd
    HCL Infosystems (HCL Insys), an information enabler, offers its customers information technology solutions across multiple platforms. This is a result of its expertise in developing state-of-the-art indigenous enterprise solutions; understanding of the networking technology; its design capabilities in product engineering; integrating diverse hardware components and its access to specialized technology for turnkey projects through partnerships with various world class players.

    With a definite and distinct focus on enterprise solutions and personal computers, HCL Insys has direct customer service centres at 151 locations, three software export factories and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. HCL Insys manufacturing process are ISO 9001 certified, while its software development processes have achieved SEI CMM Level 4. The company has set up an Internet subsidiary called HCL InfiNet Limited that provides value added Internet services in the B2B and B2C areas. With a mission statement to provide world-class information technology solutions and services to enable its customers to serve their customers better, HCL Insys is setting new standards of information technology in India.

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    yes i to use hcl systeam but there are some problem with this systeam i ot genuine windows installed in that systeam

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    HCL Computers are really good. No second doubt about it. But there are certain drawbacks buying any brander computers. As the product gets old, their sales and service deteorizes, and their spare parts are really hard to find.
    Moreover, branded computers like HCL are quite costly as compared to Assembled Computers. The spare parts are easy available for the latter.
    Thus in my opinion, as person should go for Assembled Computers as compared to Brand like HCL.

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