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    Increase Adsense Revenue By Removing Low Paying Ads

    One big problem many of us Adsense publishers have to go through is low paying clicks. You got your ads in all the right places and your click through rate is doing wonderfully, but the CPC is just killing you. A solution to this problem would be to remove low paying ads. And there's a free tool to help you do this. Like many others, when I first started with Adsense, I would just build the code, copy it, paste it on my website and wait for revenue. You don't really think about optimizing it. But this could cause you to lose out on lots of money!
    Creating a Blacklist For your Website is a free tool that generates a list of blacklisted advertisers who are known for low cost per click. You can indentify and block advertisers that use keyword arbitrage to steal your traffic leaving you with little to no money for the click. So these guys are stealing our traffic and we're getting practically nothing.

    To use you first need to register obviously. Then click on "My Account" which is on the left in the site navigation. Click "Add a New Domain" and fill out the required info which would be your sites URL, title and they keywords that are used often on your site. Go on and click submit. You'll then be redirected to the main page I think. Now you want to click on "Generate Filter List" in the menu, click on your website name and drag it into the box right next to it. Make sure that you have the MFA and LCPC boxes checked before you click submit. You'll then see the list and you then copy all of the URLs.

    Now go to your Google Adsense account and click "Adsense Setup". Then click on the "Competitive Ad Filter" and paste the list of URLs in there and click on "save". Google only allows 200 max.
    How To See If an Ad Is Low Paying

    With this tool, you can manually check to see if an ad on your site is a low cost per click. First locate an ad you want to check on by right clicking (don't left click!) the Adsense ad and clicking "properties". Copy the properties URL and paste it in notepad or something for easier viewing. Now if you look through that Google URL you can see the advertisers original landing URL. Now go back to and click on domain checker on the left (you may have to be logged in). Paste the URL in there and click enter. The sites status will appear and you can see if it is blacklisted. If so, go on and add it to your list in your Adsense account
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    Hi Sanjay,
    One of our members, Mr. Ramkumar, have already given competitive ad filter ads in his thread. Check that post here


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